Annual Conference & Exporegistration

Los Angeles, CA
May 28-June 2, 2017

International Education connects people through living and learning, and thus has incredible power to create community. Similarly, NAFSA is committed to bringing individuals and institutions together and building personal and professional community—at the Annual Conference and throughout the year.

At NAFSA's 2017 Annual Conference & Expo, join us to explore the theme: Expanding Community, Strengthening Connections. The event will be held in Los Angeles, California, an ideal setting in which to celebrate the richness of diverse communities and explore the forces that strengthen (or undermine) connection.

The conference features hundreds of posters, sessions, and workshops, unlimited networking opportunities, and a world-class expo hall. The 2017 Annual Conference Committee (ACC) is seeking proposals that reflect the best thinking in the field, informed by theory, research, and practice and cognizant of issues of diversity and inclusion.

The committee invites proposals that:

  • Address current challenges faced by professionals in the field and are solution-oriented
  • Deliver model practices using approaches for different types of learners
  • Provide advanced content for international education professionals
  • Stimulate and provoke discussion and audience engagement
  • Present evidence based on or supported by research
  • Target either new, mid-career, or seasoned professionals
  • Use multimedia approaches to enhance attendee learning
  • Explore issues important to international audiences

Highlighted topics may include:

  • How economic and political events around the world impact student mobility
  • Innovative ways to support student welfare and well being
  • Worldwide trends in higher education and internationalization
  • Cultural and human diversity in international education
  • Uses of technology and how it is facilitating global networks and partnerships
  • Management issues in international education

The overall program will result in a diverse array of presenters and perspectives, including those with different nationalities, different levels of experience, and different institutional and organizational types. Proposals with presenters from a single institution or multiple institutions will be considered equally.

A note on the proposal system:

Please be sure to read the instructions for submission very carefully and prior to submitting. All proposal submitters and copresenters are required to have a NAFSA username and password and must login to the NAFSA system. You do not need to be a NAFSA member in order to set up a login. Also required is that the chair and all copresenters must input or update a professional biography in order for the proposal to be considered complete. You will not be able to submit until all copresenters listed in the proposal have completed the login and presenter profile tasks.

Check Out the Call for Proposals Specific to Each Knowledge Community!

Before submitting your proposal, determine the proper audience and consider whether your proposal fits with what that Knowledge Community (KC) is looking for in terms of content for NAFSA 2017. For more information on each KC, please visit the "Determining the Audience" link on the sidebar of this page.

Sessions and Workshops

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