Instructions for Submission

Annual Conference & ExpoNAFSA 2019 Updates

NAFSA has implemented a new online proposal submission system. Please be sure to read through the instructions below before submitting your proposal.

Step 1: Read the Call for Proposals

Be sure to read through all of the components of the Call for Proposals to learn what the Annual Conference Committee expects. Every year there are changes, so review these pages even if you’ve submitted a NAFSA proposal before.

Step 2: Begin a Proposal

Consider uploading this Microsoft Word template to Google Docs or another document sharing service, so that you and your copresenters can view and make changes to the proposal before you submit it to NAFSA.

Proposal Form Template

Please Note

Proposal submitters and copresenters are required to have a NAFSA username and password, and biography to create and submit a proposal. When you click on the “Submit a Proposal” button in the sidebar of this page, you will be taken directly to the NAFSA login page before you can enter the proposal system.

  • Don’t have or forgot your NAFSA login information?
    • If you or your copresenters do not have a NAFSA ID and password, or have forgotten it, please follow the prompts to create an account or reset your login credentials. Once you have obtained your login information, you will need to go back to the “Submit a Proposal” button and log in again in order to access the NAFSA proposal system.
  • If you already have and know your NAFSA username and password, just type it into the login page and you will be automatically directed to the proposal system.

After you’ve logged into the proposal system for the first time and have started your submission (look for the “Click here to begin a new submission” link), you will receive an email notification confirming your access to the system and the start of your proposal. You do not have to complete the proposal in one sitting; it will automatically save in the proposal system and you may come back to it later by logging back into the system.

Remember to submit your final session and workshop proposals by Monday, August 8, 11:59 p.m. (EDT); final poster proposals are due by Monday, December 12, 11:59 p.m. (EST).

Before the system will allow you to save, you will need to complete all required fields (marked with an *), so filling in a placeholder like "TBD" is a good idea if you are not sure what to enter right away. Be sure to complete all required fields before submitting your final proposal.

Step 3: Add Presenters

After you have entered your submission title and type, a task list will be created for your proposal submission. Under the first task, you will be given the option to add additional presenters to your submission.

Presenter Limits:

  • Session: No more than four presenters, including the session chair
    Sessions that specifically request roundtable rooms to allow for some facilitated discussion as part of the outlined plan may have one facilitator at each table, but facilitators may not make formal presentations to the audience and are not listed in any conference material.
  • Workshop: No more than four trainers, including the lead trainer
  • Poster: No more than two presenters

The correct terminology to list your presenter(s):

  • Chair: the organizer of the session and possibly the moderator or one of the presenters. Each session is required to have a Chair designated, and this individual will serve as the primary point of contact between the session presentation team and NAFSA.
  • Presenter: a member of the session presentation team who is not the Chair
  • Lead Trainer: the organizer, main point of contact, and lead trainer
  • Trainer: a co-trainer, not the lead trainer
  • Chair : the organizer as well as one of the presenter(s)
  • Presenter: presenting in addition to the chair

Please note: the submitter of the proposal is designated the “Chair” role by default. If you are the submitter and are NOT the Chair of the session, please change your role in the “Presenter Profiles” task by clicking on your name and then changing your Role to "Presenter". If you are submitting on behalf of someone else and are not part of the presentation team, you can delete your name from the presenter list in the submission by clicking on the trash can icon next to your name in the first task ("Session Presenter(s)" or "Workshop Trainer(s)").

If you have a copresenter, type in their first name, last name, email address, and their role on the proposal and hit “Add Presenter”. Please double check that you have typed in their email address correctly, and then click the “Save Presenters” button. Repeat this step for each additional presenter you'd like to add onto the proposal, keeping in mind the presenter limits listed above.

  • You must send your copresenters an automated email asking for their biographical information through the system under the “Notify Presenters” task. Copresenters will then get an automated email containing a link to their section of the proposal and asking them to log into the proposal system with their NAFSA login and password and make any edits to their biographical information within MyNAFSA. The submitter of the proposal will then receive an email confirming that this task was completed by the copresenter. Copresenter biographical information is required for proposal submission, so please build in additional time to allow your copresenters to access the system to enter their details.
  • Proposal Tip: If your copresenter loses the emailed link sent to them through the system, the proposal submitter can resend the automated email to them under the “Notify Presenters” task.

Presenters from Government Agencies

NAFSA's Professional Development Services department coordinates invitations to government presenters with whom NAFSA has an ongoing relationship. If you wish to invite a presenter from a government agency listed on the proposal form, indicate this within the designated area on the proposal form and do not add that person as a copresenter. If your proposal is accepted, the NAFSA staff will contact the appropriate government office to invite the individual.

If the presenter you wish to invite is from a government agency not listed on the proposal form, add him or her as you would other copresenters.

All government presenters count toward the maximum number of presenters you may add to your proposal.

Do not wait until the minute to follow up with your copresenters. Make sure they login and input their biography in a timely fashion before the proposal deadline.

If you are the only presenter on the proposal, simply click the “Save Presenters” button in the first task and the “Continue” button in the “Notify Presenters” task.

Step 4: Enter Biographical Information- Note: New Requirements

If the submitter and copresenter already have biographical and contact information in the NAFSA system, it will be prepopulated into the proposal under the “Presenter Profiles” task. In order for the system to pull your biographical information into your proposal, you will first need to complete the “Presenter Login Page” task.

To edit your bio, click on the link to MyNAFSA, edit your information within your MyNAFSA profile, then click save. You will need to refresh the proposal page in order to see any changes made. All required fields (those with a red asterisk) on the “Presenter Profiles” task must be completed by all presenters in order to submit the proposal.

Please note: each presenter only has access to their own information (so the submitter cannot change their copresenter’s information).

The Annual Conference Committee (ACC) carefully reviews the biographical information you and your copresenters provide to determine your expertise on the subject. If you are hoping to present on more than one proposal, your bio should reflect your expertise with all relevant topics. Bios should be 150 words or less and follow the below sample.

Sample Presenter is the director of study abroad at Global University, where she also serves on the university's Committee on Campus Internationalization. She presents often on promoting education abroad in "nontraditional" locations and has led student programs to Ghana, Bolivia, and Vietnam. Previously, Presenter served as the associate director of international programs at Liberal Arts College, where she launched the college’s study abroad program. Presenter is a frequent presenter and trainer for NAFSA sessions and workshops pertaining to short-term study abroad programs. Presenter's most recent publication is Publication X. She received her MA in international studies from University Y and her PhD in comparative international education from University Z.

Biographical information and NAFSA login credentials are required for all presenters on proposals. Failure to have all presenters fill out the biographical information will prevent you from submitting your proposal. If you have submitted a proposal to NAFSA before, please note that the biography requirement for all submitted proposals is a change in the new system.

Step 5: Complete Your Proposal

When you are satisfied with your proposal (and all tasks are complete as indicated by green check marks), hit the "Save Submission" button, then on the next page hit the “Preview & Submit” button to preview your proposal and double-check that all information is correct. You may want to print your proposal preview so that you have a record of what you have submitted.

Once you click “Submit”, the system will recognize your proposal as completed. You will receive a confirmation email once your proposal has been successfully submitted.

You may still make edits and add presenters to your session or workshop proposal until 11:59 p.m. (EDT) on Monday, August 8; edits may be made to poster proposals until 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Monday, December 12. At that point in time, all submitted proposals will be locked and forwarded to the review committee for selection and you will not be able to make any changes to your proposals.

Use your browser’s forward and back arrows to navigate back and forth through tasks on your proposal.

Proposals will only be accepted through the online proposal system. Proposals will not be accepted in any other manner, or past the submission deadline.

Proposal Deadlines

Session & Workshop Proposals
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Poster Proposals
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