Network Leader, International Scholar Advising Network (ISCA)

October 24, 2018 Download pdf

Major Functions

  • Serve as an active member of the KC ISSS team, point person for ISCA network subscribers, and when required, lead in the development of new and timely resources for ISSS professionals.
  • Identify forum topics and recommend programming-related objectives to include in the annual KC ISSS work plan.
  • Participate in and monitor the ISCA discussion forum, respond to unanswered posts, and direct subscribers to NAFSA resources or products. Ensure adherence to NAFSA forum guidelines and netiquette.
  • Refer network subscribers to other NAFSA networks, when appropriate. Collaborate with other network leaders on cross-network resources and discussions.
  • Post new resources and announcements on the What’s New section of the network home page and monitor resources for updating or archiving.
  • Have familiarity with ISCA member needs, able to recruit effective volunteers to lead or serve on timeline-driven projects.

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