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Daniel Drummond

Daniel DrummondMeet Daniel Drummond. While he was studying film at Chapman University as an international student, his thesis project made him the first-ever Chapman recipient of a Student Academy Award. By returning to his home country of Brazil during his studies, he also revitalized the film and arts community in his home town.

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  • Earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Digital Arts at Chapman University
  • Currently, studying to complete a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film Production at Chapman University
  • Directorial debut of a live-action project, “A Foreman,” nominated for a 2017 Student Academy Award
  • Undergraduate thesis project, “Chiaroscuro,” won the Gold Medal at the 42nd Student Academy Awards, making him the first-ever Chapman recipient of a Student Academy Award
  • Returns regularly to Brazil to teach filmmaking workshops, participate in film festivals, and collaborate with local filmmakers




Chapman University

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