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Xiang Xu

Xiang XuMeet Xiang Xu. He’s an award-winning dancer, director, and choreographer originally from China. After studying at Santa Monica College and NYU as an international student, he now focuses on teaching Asian culture to US students and expanding appreciation for the performing arts.

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  • Earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts
  • Award-winning dancer, director, and choreographer in China and the United States, with expertise in modern dance, ballet, and contemporary methods
  • Authored three in-depth academic research papers on the history of classical dance and Asian culture, all published in prestigious academic journals
  • Taught at Santa Monica College and Syracuse University, focusing on introducing Asian culture to U.S. students and expanding appreciation for the performing





International students and scholars create jobs.
International students and scholars drive innovation.
International students and scholars enrich our classrooms.
International students and scholars strengthen national security.
International students and scholars become America's greatest foreign policy assets.

International students and scholars are great for America

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