Requesting a Second Passport

October 03, 2017


All second passports are issued on a case by case basis by the U.S. Department of State. See the template support letters below as a supplement to the second passport application.

It is possible for individuals to apply for a second passport. Reasons for applying may include the following:

  • Restrictive entry requirements of one of the countries that will be visited that makes it impossible to complete the trip using the current passport. For example, a visa or entry may be denied to the bearer of a passport showing evidence of travel to a certain other country.
  • A passport needed for immediate travel may not be available because it is in the possession of a consulate or other organization for visa processing.

In these circumstances, it is possible to apply for a second passport that will have limited validity. The documents needed to request a second passport through your local passport office for immediate travel are:

  • DS-11 Passport Application Forum (to be submitted with a certified copy of the primary passport) OR DS-82 Passport form (for those who already have a valid passport and can submit this passport with the application).
  • 1 passport photo (taken within 6 months of application)
  • Any other documents requested in form DS-11 or DS-82
  • Signed and dated cover letter (must use student letter exactly as written)
  • Signed and dated letter from university or sponsoring organization on letterhead justifying the need for a second passport.
  • Passport fee (same cost as original passport)

Template Letters

Routine processing by mail is 4-6 weeks. Expedited processing of 2-3 weeks may be requested for an additional fee. Additionally, The National Passport Center and Regional Passport Agencies may be an option for those with immediate travel.

These template letters can be used in support of an application for a second passport. Students should provide as much documentation as they can about why a second passport is needed pursuant to the requirements outlined by the U.S. Department of State (outlined above). The institutional letter of support allows the university to demonstrate the need for a second passport for a student by documenting any university sponsored travel the student will be participating in. It is best for the university letter of support to be written on university letterhead.

This page was developed by members of NAFSA's Visa Education Subcommittee and Consular Affairs Liaison Subcommittee.

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