National Vetting Center


On February 6, 2018, President Trump signed a National Security Presidential Memorandum (NSPM-9) to establish a National Vetting Center whose principal role will be to coordinate the way agencies use biographic, biometric, and contextual information in vetting applicants for visas, admission to the United States, and immigration benefits, and in enforcement and removal actions.

Read National Security Presidential Memorandum 9

National Vetting Governance Board

  • A National Vetting Governance Board appointed by agency heads will provide oversight of the Center, and will "serve as the senior interagency forum for considering issues that affect the national vetting enterprise and the activities of the center and its support element."
  • The National Vetting Governance Board will consist of "six senior executives, on designated by each of the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Director of National Intelligence, and the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency."

Center Directors

  • The Secretary of Homeland Security will designate a full-time senior officer or employee of DHS to serve as the director of the Center.
  • The Secretary of State and the Attorney General will "detail or assign senior officials from their respective agencies to serve as deputy directors of the Center."
  • The Director of National Intelligence will assign a senior official from that office or another Intelligence Community element to serve as the head of the Center's support element.


  • The National Vetting Center will not be created instantaneously.
  • NSPM-9 gives agency heads 180 days to jointly submit for presidential approval a plan to implement their respective charges under the memorandum.