Top Issues Reported in NAFSA IssueNet


NAFSA IssueNet offers international educators powerful tools to report trends from the field. You are welcome to Report an Issue to NAFSA on the emerging obstacles or challenges you are encountering in your work with students and scholars. Together, we have Strength in Reporting!

Report an Issue to NAFSA IssueNet

The International Student and Scholar Regulatory Practice Committee (ISS-RP) identifies regulatory practice issues that need action through government agency liaison. ISS-RP members monitor IssueNet reports and Network NAFSA's international student and scholar communities on a regular basis to analyze trends in our field. Each quarter, ISS-RP connects NAFSA members with the issues and trends reported through IssueNet, by summarizing the top 3-5 topics reported, and the most recent liaison engagements and successes.

Quarterly Trends in IssueNet

  • January 2018 Quarterly Summary
    • H-1B denials and the 60-day window
    • SRC refusals of Authorized Early Withdrawal (AEW) reactivation requests
    • EAD cards not being received
    • Increased scrutiny at consular offices