Trainer Corps Frequently Asked Questions


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What is the mission statement of the NAFSA Trainer Corps Program?


  • Promote the value of the NAFSA Core Education Program
  • Provide an expert group of (volunteer) trainers to deliver the NAFSA Core Education Program Workshops at the NAFSA annual conference, regional conferences, and at specific on-site locations
  • Provide a knowledgeable and engaged group of international educators to develop and maintain the NAFSA Corer Education Program curricula, materials and resources
The NAFSA Trainer Corps Program provides an array of professional development opportunities for the Trainer Corps member:
  • Gain valuable training skills
  • Share core job knowledge
  • Keep abreast of changes in the field
  • Network with other international educators


How long is a Trainer Corps member's term of service?

A Trainer Corps term of service lasts three years. Terms always begin June 1 of the year the applicant is accepted and has successfully completed the Trainer Corps preparation program. The term ends three years later on June 30.

Trainer Corps members are encouraged to renew their membership. If membership is renewed, another three-year term begins without a break.

I only have three years experience, but I feel quite knowledgeable in my content area. May I apply?

In most cases, the minimum requirement for Trainer Corps membership is five years of professional experience working in the content area(s) of the NAFSA CEP Workshops. However, regarding some of the more specialized content areas, such as nonresident alien tax, international academic credential evaluation, F-1 secondary school students, and campus and community programming initiatives, if you have fewer than five years, but at least three years of direct experience working in these areas, you are encouraged to apply for Trainer Corps.

All applications for Trainer Corps are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Should I apply for Trainer Corps if I currently hold another NAFSA member leader position?

You are welcome to apply. You are encouraged to prioritize your leadership position over any training opportunities. At the annual conference, NAFSA member-leaders on national teams, committees, subcommittees, and regional teams have meetings during the preconference period. In order to focus fully on their leadership responsibilities and to be most respectful of their fellow member-leaders, those who hold leadership roles are strongly encouraged not to plan to be part of a workshop team. In addition, workshop participants invest both money and time in this special learning opportunity and expect to benefit from access to the whole workshop team for the duration of the workshop.

With that said, many NAFSA member leaders are able to train NAFSA CEP Workshops at their regional conferences and throughout the year for On-Site CEP Workshop offerings.

I applied to Trainer Corps in the past, but was not accepted. May I apply again?

Yes, please do. It may be that we received more applications than we could accept for the primary workshops that you identified on your original application or that the Application Review Team felt you needed more professional work experience before joining Trainer Corps. We definitely encourage you to apply again.

If I am renewing my Trainer Corps membership, do I need to repeat the Trainer Corps Induction Workshop?

No. The Induction Workshop is only required one time, for TC members to begin their first term of service. Trainer Corps strongly encourages all renewing members to participate in the Trainer Corps Enrichment Workshop one time during each renewal term of TC membership.

Who decides who will be accepted into Trainer Corps?

Each year, the Trainer Corps Application Review Team is made up of current TC members, Regional and Knowledge Community Leaders, as well as the Trainer Corps Chair and Chair-designate. Each application is reviewed by multiple Review Team members.

What does the Trainer Corps Induction/Preparation Program consist of?

The TC Induction Program is required of all newly accepted Trainer Corps members. Upon acceptance into Trainer Corps, new inductees will be given access to a virtual preparation program called, TC101. TC101 will go through the overview of the NAFSA Trainer Corps program and prepare inductees for the full day Induction Workshop at the NAFSA Annual Conference.

The Induction Workshop takes place during the preconference workshop period each year at the NAFSA Annual Conference. This full day workshop prepares inductees for working with NAFSA Core Education Program materials and preparing to deliver a NAFSA Workshop training.

Upon completing TC101 and the Induction Workshop, inductees officially become Trainer Corps members.

When I am accepted as a Trainer Corps member, will I automatically be assigned to a workshop training team?

There is no automatic assignment to workshop training teams. Lead Trainers are appointed by the regional leadership or the Trainer Corps Chair. Lead Trainers recruit training teams from available Trainer Corps members. Opportunities are also broadcast to Trainer Corps members who have indicated they have the appropriate content background for the workshop in question.

What is the time commitment for the average workshop trainer?

It depends on the event. Preparation time for an annual conference workshop is often over a longer period than regional conference or On-Site workshops, for example. Trainers are expected to participate in conference calls and virtual meetings with their team, spend time studying the materials and preparing their presentation, and debriefing with their team.

How many workshops will I train each year?

This can vary depending on your own schedule and availability. Training is always done on a volunteer basis, so it is important that you are able to fit the time for planning, preparing, and delivering into your workload. Trainer Corps asks that TC members train at least one CEP Workshop during their three year term.

Where are the NAFSA Core Education Program (CEP) Workshops delivered?

The CEP Workshops are offered at the NAFSA Annual Conference, NAFSA regional conferences, and On-Site in various locations throughout the year. Trainer Corps members are encouraged to organize an On-Site CEP Workshop in their communities.