NAFSA e-Learning Courses


Designed to bring international education practitioners up to speed on key job responsibilities and best practices, e-Learning courses are perfect for new professionals who deal with international education admissions and recruitment, international student advising, and education abroad.

Available Courses

Intro F1

Beyond F1


Methods and Strategies

Education Abroad Advising

Short-Term EA

Why Enroll?

  • Cost- and Time-Effective: With no travel expenses or time out of the office, e-learning courses are priced for today's budget-conscious institutions and practitioners.
  • Self-Paced: Offered in rolling sessions once or twice a month, each four-week course is divided into convenient modules, each taking 30 minutes to one hour to finish.
  • Expert Resources: Gain access to valuable resources, worksheets, and glossaries. Learn where to find key resources to continue your learning after the course ends. Self quizzes help you assess your comprehension. A certificate of participation is provided upon completion.

Further Opportunities

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