Internationalization in a Time of Global Disruption


Trends and Insights

A Special Edition by the 2018-19 NAFSA Senior Fellows

Introduction by Dorothea A. Antonio
March 2019

This issue of Trends & Insights showcases the work of the 2018–19 NAFSA Senior Fellows, respected international education scholars whose deliberative reflections are informing internationalization efforts and strengthening higher education’s global bonds. The concept for this Trends & Insights publication began with a discussion about the world in a time of global disruption and the manifestation of its impact on internationalization. What are the implications of the current geopolitical environment on higher education? What are the repercussions in other fields? And, ultimately, what does the future look like? From unique angles, each Fellow considered a different approach, leading to this powerful collection of current perspectives.

In this issue, Jenny J. Lee (University of Arizona) considers the effects of increasing xenophobia. Francisco Marmolejo (the World Bank) argues that an internationalized higher education is more important than ever. Bernhard Streitwieser (George Washington University) looks at the increasingly complex world of migration and refugees and the subsequent responsibility of higher education. Ellen Hazelkorn (BH Associates) looks at the power and politics of global rankings and their impact on higher education. And John K. Hudzik (Michigan State University) warns of the consequences of the increasing commercialization of internationalization.

This changing environment requires consistent, thoughtful review and analysis, and NAFSA is committed to furthering the conversation and providing additional scholarship to the field. As part of this commitment, the five Senior Fellows will expand on the topics of this Trends & Insights issue in a special session at the NAFSA 2019 Annual Conference & Expo in Washington, D.C., and in a larger publication coming fall 2019.

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Dorothea J. Antonio is the deputy executive director of knowledge development, NAFSA: Association of International Educators.