Global Studies Literature Review

January 31, 2019

Current Issue

No. 9, January 2019


Global Studies Literature Review is an online project by the Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Knowledge Community. It addresses a convergence of interests between the professional field of international education and the academic fields of international studies and international education. This convergence is occurring in many sectors: the globalization and internationalization of higher education; increasing expectation of global competencies for professionals in the global business community; the challenges of migration from legal, educational, and human rights perspectives; and the need for public diplomacy exchanges and policymaking professionals to function in the transnational and post-September 11 realities of the twenty-first century.

Professionals in the field of international education and exchange are expressing a growing interest and need for specialized knowledge, research, and synthesis of emerging perspectives in a wide range of disciplines and fields. With that in mind, this new resource features a compilation of book reviews covering recent literature at the intersection of these fields. In some cases, the literature reviewed is directly applicable to the practice of international education; in others, it analyzes literature from other fields that impacts our work in both theoretical and practical ways.

The book reviews are written by a wide variety of voices—faculty members, independent researchers, practitioners, and graduate students. Our hope is to foster a dialogue, and even support sometimes conflicting or contradictory viewpoints.