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January 01, 2013 By: Susan Whipple

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This document is one of several new Web-based resources called NAFSA e-Publications. E-Publications offer special features including Web pages, downloadable and printable PDFs, and customized tools.

Each of the updated country publications provides lists of credentials and other data that can be used to help determine placement recommendations and possibility of transfer credit both for undergraduate and graduate admissions. These updates do not replace either of the original publications, which cover and should be used for credentials issued prior to 1999.

Though compiled by many authors using a standardized template, minor style variations among the updates do occur. "Advice for admissions officers" is not provided. Subjective interpretation has been avoided, relying instead on objective data. These updates must be used in conjunction with other resources to determine actual placement recommendations and possibility of transfer credit.

Questions about credentials can be posted in International Enrollment Management discussion forum.

Individual Countries

More countries will be added as they become available.

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