Advocating for Education Abroad: Benefits to Students

When you are advocating for the establishment or expansion of an education abroad office or function on campus, it is important to have an effective set of messages to help you make the case. Here are some key benefits of education abroad to help you explain why international education is so important for students today.

  • Enhance Your Global Awareness. You can enhance your awareness of the world around you by studying abroad. To be an educated citizen today requires students to able to see the world through others' eyes and to understand the international dimensions of the problems we confront as a nation skills that are enhanced by an education abroad experience.

  • Enhance Your Academic Learning. You can help enhance your academic learning by studying abroad. A study abroad experience will introduce you to new professors who can expose you to new viewpoints beyond your campus, and a diverse student body that can introduce you to different customs and cultures. A study abroad experience also lets you expand your academic learning outside of the classroom, because you live what you are learning.

  • Develop Your Leadership Skills. You can strengthen your leadership skills by studying abroad. An educational opportunity outside the United States can be among the most valuable tools for preparing a student to participate and lead effectively in an increasingly interconnected international community that demands cross-cultural skills and knowledge.

  • Advance Your Career. You can help advance your career by studying abroad. In today's increasingly global society, obtaining international skills and knowledge can make you more marketable in getting a job and more productive once you're in the job.

  • Experience Personal Growth. You can experience significant personal growth by studying abroad. Students who study abroad discover that in the process of learning about other countries and culture they end up learning more about themselves in ways that simply cannot be replicated in the comforting and familiar confines of an American campus.

  • Learn Another Language. Students can better learn another language by studying abroad. Immersion in another language through study abroad is one of the best ways to gain proficiency in that language.

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