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Trending Issue: F-1 Conditional Admission and Pathway Programs

This page monitors the development of SEVP's guidance on the topic of Bridge and Pathways Programs and Conditional Admission.

Oct 04, 2017
Intensive English Programs and Sponsored Program Administration

IEPs play a significant role in recruiting sponsored students and are often the initial point of contact for admission, arrival, and orientation, as well as ongoing academic/immigration advising of these students at the institution. IEP administrators/faculty from a range of institutions will share their experience and strategies for serving as the liaison with various types of sponsored programs.

Oct 07, 2015
Promoting an Overarching International Recruitment Strategy Encompassing Both Intensive English and Degree-Seeking Programs

This Collegial Conversation offers an introductory look at the necessary strategic thinking to promote an overarching recruitment strategy that encompasses both an IEP and academic degree coursework for a pathway program. Armchair and active recruitment approaches will be explored. IEP's and degree-seeking recruitment often have competing demands and timelines that do not align, including some activities that may need to remain exclusive

Jun 30, 2014
Identification of International Students Requiring Additional ESL Support after Beginning an Academic Degree Program

A resource for advisers about how to assist international students who have passed the TOEFL or other recognized proficiency tests, but who are still having language challenges while studying in their academic programs. Members of the IEM and ISSS knowledge communities worked together to collect, compile, and analyze the survey data of 29 institutions from around the US.

Jun 10, 2014
Advancing Your International Mission Through Dual and Joint Degree Programs This presentation at the 2012 annual conference explained the benefits, challenges, and suggestions for success related to dual and joint degree programs (also called 2+2 or 1+1 programs). Jun 19, 2012
Collegial Conversation - Marie-Claude Svaldi With so many Saudi Arabian students currently studying in the United States, Marie-Claude Svaldi, Assistant Director of ESL Institutes & Academic Placement Department graciously agreed to answer questions that were gathered from the field from the ELTA Discussion Forum and the AAIEP (American Association of Intensive English Programs) Listserv. May 25, 2012
Summary of U.S. Education

An accredited institution of higher education has been reviewed by one of the eight regional accreditation entities in the United States. The review is an exhaustive process that ensures academic integrity and quality.

Mar 13, 2012
wRAP-Up - March 2012 Chinese Students in Undergraduate Programs: Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges, Conditional Admission 101, English Language Teaching and Administration News, International Growth Blessings Require Infrastructure Enhancement Feb 21, 2012
Some Problems Islamic Students Encounter When Writing in the West Clashes in culture are a normal part of the ESL classroom, and while differences between the backgrounds of both students and teachers often result in stimulating exchanges, there are occasions when profound differences will interfere with the foreign student's academic success unless s/he is willing to adapt. Feb 21, 2012
The Sponsored Student Odyssey: From Selection to Enrollment The Sponsored Program Administration (SPA) Network and English Language Teaching and Administration (ELTA) Network have combined forces and follow the story of how a sponsored student, Belen Alfaro from Argentina, was selected and then her journey to her current status of Fulbright grantee at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (UMASS). Feb 10, 2012
International Growth Blessings Require Infrastructure Enhancement At Rice University, we are experiencing a distinct campus culture change, particularly at the undergraduate level. Historically, we only admitted about 3.5 percent international students at the undergraduate level, and only until recently did any of our undergraduates come from China. Now we admit 11–13 percent undergraduate international students to our freshman class, with the largest numbers from China. In sum, this is an approximately 250 percent increase in 5 years. Feb 08, 2012
English Language Teaching and Administration News Recent news from the ELTA network. Feb 08, 2012
Resources for Teaching English to Arabic Speakers Intensive English Programs (IEPs) in the United States and Canada have experienced an increase in the number of Arabic speakers in their programs in recent years, primarily due to an increase in the number of government-sponsored students preparing for academic study at graduate and undergraduate levels. Jan 13, 2012
August 2011 wRAP-Up Newsletter

Australia, Canada, Chile, Sub-Saharan Africa, UK Awards and Qualifications, U.S. Accreditation, and Vietnam.

Aug 19, 2011
April 2011 wRAP-Up Newsletter

Find RAP information for the 2011 NAFSA Conference and Expo in Vancouver, BC, Canada: Open Meetings, Poster Fairs, Workshops, Sessions and Seminars.

Apr 18, 2011
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