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Retaining International Students

Each Student’s Experience Counts Now More Than Ever by Kyna Rubin Last year an international student who’d gotten all A’s during first semester was about to transfer out from Marymount University. Why? Money. She came straight from an intensive English

Sep 18, 2014
Financial Strategies to Recruit, Support, and Retain International Students

Presenters Aline Orfali and Abe Schafermeyer will discuss how their institutions provide funding for international students, ranging from scholarships to tuition remission strategies and innovative work study programs. Abe and Aline will describe the programs that exist on their campuses, clarify alternative ways to support and retain students, and share ideas on how to gain institutional buy-in for assisting students who encounter unforeseen economic situations.

Dec 03, 2013
International Student Retention Annotated Bibliography

This annotated bibliography focuses on research regarding international student retention, intended to provide recommendations and strategies.

Feb 14, 2013
Seminar: Comprehensive Strategic International Enrollment Management, Recruitment, Retention, and Reentry Strategic international enrollment management must go beyond a recruitment focus to encompass current international students' experiences (retention) as well as international alumni's successful transition back home (reentry). Jun 20, 2012
Price Compared with Value in International Student Recruitment Attendees learned how to develop a clear value proposition and manage student expectations, and explore how these factors impact a continuous cycle of recruitment and retention. Annual conference session 2012. Jun 19, 2012
Developing a Marketing and Recruiting Plan

Outline to help an institution evaluate the internal and external factors to consider when developing a marketing and recruiting plan.

Jun 18, 2009
Klasko DVD on Immigration Law

Klasko, Rulon, Stock & Seltzer, LLP is pleased to provide you with a free DVD on the "Fundamentals of Immigration Law: A Primer" to support training and teaching efforts at your university, hospital or medical institution.

Jun 11, 2009
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