Physical Health Abroad

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Invisible Identities Abroad

The prevalence of students participating in education abroad programs who have learning disabilities, food allergies, and other invisible identities has increased sharply in recent years. Review this presentation to learn more about advising students with invisible identities. These resources will

Oct 04, 2017
Crisis Management for Education Abroad

The complexities of the education field require ongoing training on risk management considerations. Whether a crisis affects large groups of traveling students or a single person abroad, Crisis Management for Education Abroad, will help you build core competencies in crisis management and risk assessment

Mar 30, 2017
Federal Disability Laws: Do They Translate To Study Abroad Programs?

This resource, created by the National Association of Colleges and University Attorneys (NACUA), addresses the current state of federal disability discrimination law with respect to education abroad programs and provides best practices and additional resources for university general counsel and administrators.

Oct 07, 2013
What Students Need to Know: Sexual Health Abroad

This article, written by Janet Hulstrand addresses how to promote awareness for sexual health in study abroad and what resources are available to prepare and advise students.

Jun 24, 2013
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