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Rhiannon Williams
University of Minnesota

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Framing the Global Faculty Conversation: March 4

What does it mean to “go global”? How can focusing on global phenomena enhance disciplinary approaches and regional studies? Join NAFSA and the editor and authors of Framing the Global on March 4 for a Faculty Conversation sharing how academic leaders are using global frameworks to implement new learning strategie...

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Featured Resources

  • Intercultural Activity Toolkit
    A collection of intercultural activities, intended for administration by post-secondary level faculty and staff, this toolkit provides hands-on resources that can be easily duplicated and utilized by individuals and groups seeking to internationalize the campus.
  • Intercultural Conferences and Other Events
    Listing of conferences, training, and events with an intercultural focus.
  • Theory Connections: Intercultural Communications & Training
    Today, international education is well positioned to reap the benefits of decades of the integration of theory into our practice. The Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Knowledge Community (TLS KC) is dedicated to highlighting this theory-to-practice connection and to challenging International Education professionals to incorporate fundamental theoretical concepts when designing and refining our programs.
  • Bibliography on Intercultural Training, Theory, and Research
    The resources in this annotated bibliography offer a solid foundation on a range of topics in the areas of intercultural training, intercultural communication theory, and recent research in the field.