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Select from a variety of resources developed to help you do your job better, including assistance with understanding immigration regulations, building successful orientation programs, intercultural communications advice, best practices for developing appropriate office policies, and supporting internationalization on your campus.


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Lisa Harris
Palo Alto University

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January 7, 2014
Dear ISS Knowledge Communities,

In the new year we have two exciting ISS KC webinars for you to consider. “Financial Strategies to Recruit, Support, and Retain International Student,” on January 22nd, involves funding opportunities for international students. Learn strategies for achieving recruitment goals and retaining enrolled international students who encounter unforeseen financial hardship. Aline Orfali from Marymount University and University of Oregon’s Abe Schafermeyer will lead the webinar.

On January 30th, join us for "Education Systems in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brazil. An overview of the education systems in these 3 countries will be provided by Guy Perring of i-graduate and Dr. Lou Nunes of Academic Evaluation Services. This webinar will help attendees with their diversity recruitment goals by providing information on education requirements in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brazil. The discussion will also touch on legitimate education documentation.

Registration is now open!...

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Featured Resources

  • International Student Retention Annotated Bibliography
    This annotated bibliography focuses on research regarding international student retention, intended to provide recommendations and strategies. While there is a considerable amount of literature on international student adjust¬ment, this bibliography looks at the more limited quantitative and qualitative information concerning university efforts that contribute to retention, as well as habits students employ to graduate.
  • NAFSA KC-ISSS Comprehensive Internationalization: A Staff Development Resource
    This KC-ISSS resource is a staff development tool for International Student and Scholar Offices. The presentation offers useful tips and talking points and is provided as a template for ISSS managers and directors to help emphasize the role of ISSS staff in achieving Comprehensive Internationalization.
  • Comprehensive Resource on Crisis Management for the International Student and Scholar Services Office
    This resource consists of recommended checklists of action items to consider when dealing with crises involving international students and scholars. The resource includes general guidelines for preparation before, during and after crises.
  • Resources for M-1 Schools
    For those working with M-1 students, finding appropriate resources can be difficult. NAFSA has excellent guidance on M-1 issues contained in its Adviser's Manual including up to date information regarding USCIS and SEVP guidelines for practical training, transfers and extensions. In addition to the Adviser's Manual, the below links are also helpful for those who advise M-1 students.