Campus Internationalization

Resources related to the broad approach of weaving internationalization throughout campus efforts.

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Internationalising Higher Education Toolkit

This toolkit complements the strategic direction set out in The Higher Education Academy’s (HEA) Framework for Internationalising Higher Education and offers tools for reflection and planning to help embed the framework into policy and practice.

Jan 06, 2016
On Global Campuses, Academic Freedom Has Its Limits

This article was originally published on The Conversation . This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License . Kevin Kinser is a NAFSA senior fellow for internationalization.   BY KEVIN KINSER Last spring, a New York University professor

Oct 29, 2015
Symposium on Leadership

The 2016 Symposium on Leadership, May 31 in Denver, Colorado, will examine how international education leaders balance competing interests and pressures in the face of changing demographics and economic realities.

Sep 02, 2015
Pride and Regret: Reflections on Global Education from a Former Provost

At the NAFSA 2015 Annual Conference in Boston, I was flattered to be asked to offer a keynote to an inaugural gathering of chief academic officers. The focus of the keynote was threefold: what global achievements was I most proud of? What were my main regrets—where do I wish I/we had done more? And what suggestions, if any, did I have for NAFSA as it explores its role in the academic side of global education, especially at U.S. in-stitutions.

Aug 26, 2015
2014 Symposium Series: 21st-Century Skills and the Future of Internationalization: Opportunities for Leadership

21st-Century Skills and the Future of Internationalization: Opportunities for Leadership, by Charlotte West, examines the themes of the 2014 Symposium on Leadership, which featured Jeffrey Selingo. The aim of the symposium was to guide senior international officers (SIOs) through the latest developments in higher education to better prepare their institutions to provide students with learning opportunities to develop twenty-first-century skills, with a particular focus on experiential learning.

Aug 21, 2015
2015 Symposium Series: The Innovation Imperative: Leading Change in a Competitive Environment "The Innovation Imperative: Leading Change in a Competitive Environment" by Charlotte West examines the themes discussed at the 2015 Symposium on Leadership. The aim of the symposium was to guide senior international officers (SIOs) through the latest developments in international higher education with a focus on the ways in which institutions—and senior leaders—need to be entrepreneurial and innovative in the face of the challenges of twenty-first-century education. Aug 21, 2015
Internationalisation of Higher Education This study, commissioned by the European Parliament's Committee on Culture and Education, focuses on the understanding of international higher education in the European context and includes an analysis of the role of digital learning, as well as 10 national reports from Europe and seven from outside the region. The study puts forth conclusions and recommendations on the future of internationalization of higher education in Europe, based on the national reports and a Delphi process among experts in the field. Aug 20, 2015
NAFSA Publications for Leading Internationalization List of select NAFSA publications relevant to the Leading Internationalization Network, organized by resource category. Jul 27, 2015
Campus Internationalization: Engaging Faculty, Students, and Community

This webinar focuses on building connections on campus and gaining support for internationalization through less-involved units. The presenters also provide valuable information on how to create a global certificate program, and how to engage international students with campus and local community.

Jun 19, 2014
Internationalization of the Community College Campus

In this webinar, the transformative process of internationalization is explored from the perspective of an individual campus, a community college system, and Community Colleges for International Development, Inc.

Oct 11, 2013
Cross-Campus Collaboration: Strategies for Successful Internationalization

In this webinar, you'll learn how two institutions, both recipients of NAFSA's Senator Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization, facilitated cross-campus collaboration as part of their efforts to achieve comprehensive internationalization.

Apr 25, 2013
International Alumni Matter

Phillip Conroy, president, Vermont Technical College, and Sandra Rincon, director of international alumni relations, Tilburg University, Netherlands, join forces to analyze how solid international alumni programming can help facilitate internationalization on campus. 

Mar 28, 2013
2012 Symposium Series: Engaging Stakeholders in Internationalization: Strategies for Collaboration

"Engaging Stakeholders in Internationalization: Strategies for Collaboration" by Charlotte West examines some of the themes from the event as leaders strive to shape and implement a shared vision of internationalization across the broad spectrum of interests on a campus in order to advance comprehensive internationalization.

Sep 26, 2012
International Strategic Plans and Mission Statements

International Strategic Plans and Mission Statements This resource provides links to examples of international strategic plans, mission statements, and other policy documents from a variety of institutions. 

Jul 24, 2012
Live Collegial Conversation - Mapping Global Learning on Your Campus: A Smart Grid to Assess Assets and Gaps

Interested in strengthening global learning across campus domains and dimensions of learning? Learn about the Global Smart Grid, a matrix that helps make strategic investment decisions to solidify students’ global learning and increase coordination and connection of discrete global programs.

Jan 19, 2012
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