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Government Connection: Improved Consular Safety and Security Messaging

International safety and security for students, faculty, and staff traveling abroad is a top priority for all U.S. colleges and universities many of whom base their programming and travel policies on safety information issued by the U.S. Department of State. With the announcement of a new leveled Travel Advisory system, institutions across the United States may need to review and revise their travel policies.

Dec 12, 2017
Maximizing Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs at Community College

Developing faculty led study abroad programs in the community college setting carries its own set of challenges. Gaining administrative buy-in, developing programs that aren’t cost prohibitive, and recruiting students to participate in these programs are not challenges unique to community

Jan 03, 2017
Prioritizing Fire Safety for Education Abroad Programs

There is much attention paid to health and safety on education abroad programs, however not much that specifically applies to fire safety abroad. Even modern European cities, which are often the most popular study abroad destinations, often have fire safety

Dec 07, 2016
Government Connection: Overseas Citizens Services

Join the Government Connection on December 13 at 2:00 p.m. EST to hear directly from Overseas Citizen Services representatives with the U.S. Department of State. They will share what services are available to you and your students before, during, and

Nov 21, 2016
Realigning Partnerships Between Higher Education Institutions and International Education Organizations

Due to the proliferation of provider organizations working in the industry of U.S. education abroad, it has become incredibly challenging for even the most experienced education abroad professional to differentiate organizations and to determine with whom to partner. Long-standing affiliations

Oct 25, 2016
Curriculum Integration: Best Practices

The resources on this page present case examples of curriculum integration in education abroad.

Aug 04, 2016
Academic Frameworks for Internships and Service Programs

As more students seek to maximize the career value of study abroad by pursuing international internship and service-learning programs, the need for establishing an academic framework for these types of programs has become increasingly apparent.

Jul 13, 2016
Government Connection: Five Things You Need to Know About Education Abroad Programs in Cuba

A series of recent regulatory changes affect educational exchanges, outbound programs, and people-to-people initiatives between the United States and Cuba. In light of President Obama’s recent historic visit to Cuba in March 2016, NAFSA presents this Government Connection to learn

Apr 18, 2016
Risk Disclosure in Education Abroad

Deciding what practices are appropriate for risk disclosures and waiver documentation is the education abroad professional’s responsibility to insure a student’s health and safety while embarking on an education abroad program.

Feb 26, 2016
Expand Your Digital Toolbox to Improve Education Abroad Programs Social media networks are the go-to resource for many Millennials and in order for Education Abroad Professionals to develop content for marketing and outreach they have to keep up with those innovative technologies. When your student is abroad how do you continue to engage with them? This resource lists ways to assist you in learning how to use the rapidly evolving array of virtual programming tools to enhance student learning in experiential education programs. Feb 26, 2016
Best Practices in Effectively Managing Social Media for EA

Social media continues to be as essential as traditional marketing strategies in education abroad. This resource focuses on some of today’s top channels with tangible takeaways.

Apr 02, 2015
Involving Faculty in the Process of Developing Assessment Tools and Engaging in the Process of Assessing Students’ Intercultural Competence

Following the 2013 NAFSA Annual Conference session titled “Involving Faculty in the Process of Assessing Students’ Intercultural Competence” presented by Diana Yefanova and Rhiannon Williams of the University of Minnesota, this resource provides an assessment framework and two cases of engaging faculty in the intercultural competence assessment process.

Sep 04, 2013
Global Learning Rubric

Developed from the 2013 NAFSA Annual Conference session, Defining Global Learning and Aligning Curricular Pathways presented by Kevin Hovland, AACU, the Global Learning Rubric offers a common vocabulary for defining global learning and for identifying the kinds of skills and knowledge associated with its multiple dimensions.

Aug 20, 2013
Live Collegial Conversation - Faculty-Led Programming in Study Abroad

This live NAFSA Collegial Conversation covers various engagement strategies, approaches to developing successful faculty-led programs, effective assessment plans, strategies to responsibly prepare faculty in leading programs abroad and more.

Mar 07, 2013
Live Collegial Conversation – Curriculum Integration of Education Abroad

How do you integrate study abroad into undergraduate curriculum? Talk to your colleagues as well as guest speakers about integrating study abroad into the curriculum.

Feb 08, 2013
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