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LGBTQ+ Student Advising Guide for Education Abroad Professionals

By NAFSA: Association of International Educators Diversity and Inclusion in Education Abroad Subcommittee, LGBTQ+ Working Group: Margaret McCullers, Matt Free, Darren Gallant, Conrad Zeutenhorst, Ashlee Finn and Aby Parsons  This resource is designed to help Education Abroad professionals prepare

Jul 10, 2017
Recruiting for Staff Diversity

Institutions and providers deal with complex issues involving credit transfers, institutional policies, differences in contact hours and curricular standing, and questions of regional/national/disciplinary accreditation on a daily basis. Educators must work to align these issues with student expectations and the

Mar 21, 2016
Expand Your Digital Toolbox to Improve Education Abroad Programs Social media networks are the go-to resource for many Millennials and in order for Education Abroad Professionals to develop content for marketing and outreach they have to keep up with those innovative technologies. When your student is abroad how do you continue to engage with them? This resource lists ways to assist you in learning how to use the rapidly evolving array of virtual programming tools to enhance student learning in experiential education programs. Feb 26, 2016
Peer-to-Peer Power One of the best ways to keep students engaged once they return from an experience abroad is through a peer network or leader program working for their study abroad office or their program provider. This resource is designed to help education abroad professionals increase student participation abroad and at home. Given limited financial and staff resources, see how investing in peer-to-peer initiatives can support professionals and create a significant impact on recruitment and retention. Feb 26, 2016
Career Development and Education Abroad: Offices in Collaboration Integrating career development can, and should, happen throughout the education abroad process. This resource will guide advisers in developing strategic re-entry programs or managing sessions that can contribute to the internationalization among students and successful partnerships between career and study abroad offices. Through this learned collaboration students will begin to reflect and identify key transferable skills from their trip abroad whether it be volunteering, interning, working, or study abroad. Feb 26, 2016
Not Just Life-Changing! Helping U.S. Students Articulate Skills Garnered During Study Abroad

When students return from their “life-changing” programs abroad, it is oftentimes hard for them to articulate their experience beyond, “It was awesome!” or “I made so many new friends!” This resource is designed to help education abroad professionals encourage their

Dec 17, 2015
Gaining an Edge with Education Abroad: Articulating the International Experience

Students learn skills while abroad that give them a competitive edge in the job market. However, if they cannot succinctly and effectively articulate what they gained from an international experience, employers will fail to see the benefits derived from education abroad.

Jan 07, 2015
Examples for Incorporating Returning Study Abroad Students into ISSS Programming

Among the sixteen examples provided in this member-generated resource are: coffee hours, peer mentor programs, ambassador programs, and much more. Also included is a short bibliography of other NAFSA resources that are similar in scope.

Feb 24, 2014
Toolkit for Returnee Student Services in Education Abroad

This Returnee Student Services toolkit provides activities to use in re-entry workshops both on-site and back home.

Aug 14, 2013
AIFS Student Guide to Study Abroad & Career Development The goal of this Guide is to provide students with a framework to understand the impact and added value of study abroad for their career development. Regardless of duration or destination, we believe students will benefit from considering the career implications of their decision to study abroad. Jan 31, 2012
Icebreakers and Activities Overview of suggested ice-breakers and culture-related activities for use at pre-departure orientations or other study abroad events. Compiled by the University of Maryland. Aug 24, 2011
Collegial Conversation - Webinar Follow-up

This Collegial Conversation is a follow up to the NAFSA Webinar, Providing Post-Study Abroad Support-It's Easier Than You Think! Topics include components of re-entry programs, finding resources to sustain re-entry programs, and program assessment.

May 19, 2009
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