Directing and Managing Education Abroad

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Italian Barile Law

The law known as “Barile Law” has been the subject of discussion for many education abroad professionals. What is the Barile Law? What are the standards for compliance for U.S. institutions? Working with a translation firm, NAFSA provides below a translation of the law which professionals may use or share with their legal counsel.

Jun 13, 2018
Improved Consular Safety and Security Messaging

Improved Consular Safety and Security Messaging Summary In late November 2017, the U.S. Department of State announced upcoming changes to consular safety and security messaging, most notably, the elimination of Travel Warning and Travel Alert terminology. The new safety and security messaging is intended to b

Jan 11, 2018
Building a Strong Relationship Between Study Abroad & Financial Aid

Financial aid can be a make or break factor for many prospective study abroad students. Therefore, it’s very important that the Study Abroad Office and the Financial Aid Office on campus work together well to ensure the best outcomes for

Sep 08, 2017
Supporting Students Abroad in a World of Microaggressions

A microaggression is defined as a subtle but offensive comment or action directed at a minority or other nondominant group that is often unintentional or unconsciously reinforces a stereotype. In recent years, many universities have sought to raise awareness among

Aug 15, 2017
Federal Financial Aid for Education Abroad

May 11, 2017 Financial aid is a top area of concern for U.S. students considering study abroad, and yet there are differences in institutional interpretation of the regulations regarding disbursement and portability of federal funds. Join NAFSA for a live,

May 17, 2017
Crisis Management for Education Abroad

The complexities of the education field require ongoing training on risk management considerations. Whether a crisis affects large groups of traveling students or a single person abroad, Crisis Management for Education Abroad, will help you build core competencies in crisis management and risk assessment

Mar 30, 2017
Regulatory Compliance for Education Abroad Risk Management: A NAFSA and URMIA Seminar

Through a framework of case studies, participants will discuss incidents and investigations stemming from obligations under the U.S. law and regulations.

Jan 19, 2017
Prioritizing Fire Safety for Education Abroad Programs

There is much attention paid to health and safety on education abroad programs, however not much that specifically applies to fire safety abroad. Even modern European cities, which are often the most popular study abroad destinations, often have fire safety

Dec 07, 2016
Finding Efficiencies in Education Abroad: Common Processes and Resources

Process mapping is often overlooked because education abroad professionals are overwhelmed with more pressing tasks, aren’t aware or its advantages, or just aren’t sure how to begin. This presentation will help you learn how to map out a process to

Nov 07, 2016
Academic Frameworks for Internships and Service Programs

A resource based on the Collegial Conversation held on August 25, 2016 Academic frameworks refers to curricular and co-curricular mechanisms that help to structure, facilitate, and assess the learning that takes place through experiential education. This collegial conversation looked at

Nov 02, 2016
Realigning Partnerships Between Higher Education Institutions and International Education Organizations

Due to the proliferation of provider organizations working in the industry of U.S. education abroad, it has become incredibly challenging for even the most experienced education abroad professional to differentiate organizations and to determine with whom to partner. Long-standing affiliations

Oct 25, 2016
Changing Perceptions: Developing Education Abroad Marketing Strategies for Underrepresented Students

Designing marketing materials to appeal to diverse groups on campus is the first step to increasing underrepresented student populations’ participation in Education Abroad.

Sep 16, 2016
Building Successful Collaborations Between Study Abroad and Multicultural Offices

Developing a strong relationship with your campus multicultural affairs office can help education abroad professionals reach diverse students and strengthen campus support for both offices. This collegial conversation will explore what this collaborative relationship looks like on two different campuses

Aug 23, 2016
Academic Frameworks for Internships and Service Programs

As more students seek to maximize the career value of study abroad by pursuing international internship and service-learning programs, the need for establishing an academic framework for these types of programs has become increasingly apparent. Join us for a collegial

Jul 13, 2016
Zika Resources for Education Abroad

The recent Zika outbreak in Central America and the Caribbean has received significant media coverage, but to date, the impact of the disease on study abroad programs has been minimal. NAFSA encourages its members to develop comprehensive crisis management plans

Jun 16, 2016
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