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While NAFSA is not focused on providing resources or assistance directly to students, we do provide some resources and links to more student-oriented websites.


Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Financial aid regulations and sources for study abroad differ for undergraduate and graduate students. This resource focuses specifically on undergraduate students.

Financial Aid for Undergraduate International Students

This resource provides information primarily for international students with nonimmigrant visas (F-1, J-1, etc.), as well as permanent residents of the United States.

NAFSA International Education Marketplace

NAFSA does not provide resources or assistance directly to students, but most of our members do. Visit our marketplace for a directory of relevant products and services.

Absentee Ballot Procedures for Students/Educators Living Abroad
Students or educators who will be abroad during federal elections need to fill out the Federal Postcard Application (FPCA) to request an Absentee Ballot and/or register to vote. This will allow them to vote in any election for federal office. Note that this process is different than the procedure to register for domestic absentee voting.

Students Connecting Our World
If you are a student starting to think about study abroad, preparing to go, or recently got back, Students Connecting Our World is the place for you. Share your questions, travel tips, and fun stories. Explore how study abroad changes and inspires lives. Discover a bigger picture about why studying abroad is so important in today’s world.

Notable U.S. Study Abroad and Peace Corp Alumni
Study abroad experiences have helped shape the lives of many past students, including U.S. presidents and members of Congress, poets and actors, executives and journalists, and just about everything in between. This page highlights some study abroad and Peace Corps alumni who have gone on to accomplish great things.

U.S. Students Seeking to Study Abroad

While there is some basic information that will apply to most campuses, you must meet with your education abroad adviser to learn the specifics about education abroad opportunities and processes at your home institution. The links and information provided will provide you with some of this basic information, but cannot substitute for meetings with your study abroad, financial aid, and academic advisers.

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International Students Seeking to Study in the U.S.

NAFSA does not offer scholarships, grants to students, or other financial assistance, but this website contains information about where to begin your search for financial aid.

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