NAFSA Membership Commitment

As the largest association dedicated to international education and exchange, NAFSA strives to offer the highest quality resources for our members. To achieve this, NAFSA is enhancing and strengthening our membership commitment. In the upcoming months, members can take advantage of new, expanded benefits, exclusive savings, and increased value to the entire portfolio of NAFSA programs, products, and services.

Benefits of NAFSA Membership

NAFSA serves international educators and their institutions and organizations by establishing principals of good practice, providing training and professional development, convening networking opportunities and collaborative dialogues, and advocating for international education.

NAFSA members enjoy access to best-in-class benefits that are essential to career and program success.

Exclusive Member Savings

  • 25% Savings on most products, programs, and services (including Annual Conference)
  • 45% Savings on most products, programs, and services for Student members only

Member Resources and Information

  • International Educator Magazine
  • Weekly International Education News
  • NAFSA Trends & Insights
  • Global Studies Literature Review
  • International Student Economic Value Tool Member Overview
  • NAFSA Member Alerts

Premium Visa and Immigration Resources

  • IssueNet EA Visa Help - Visa Information Assistance
  • IssueNet - Immigration Issue Assistance
  • NAFSA Spring and Fall Immigration Updates

Member Networking Opportunities

  • Interactive Member Directory
  • Unrestricted Access to NAFSA Professional Networks
  • Unlimited Member-Interest Group Participation

NAFSA.Org Unlimited Access

  • 6,000+ pages of resources and information
  • Exclusive member-only resources

NAFSA Member Publications

  • Special publications available to members at no additional cost
  • Internationalizing the Campus annual publications

Career Center Resources

  • Exclusive Member-Only Career Development Resources
  • NAFSA Career Printâ„¢ International Educator Competency Assessment

Live Online Events for Members

  • Annual Policy and Trends Online Forum
  • Quarterly Town Halls
  • Collegial Conversations

Special Leadership Growth Opportunities

  • More than 400 leadership positions
  • Online / Offline training programs for members in leadership positions
  • Mentor and Mentee opportunities

International and Regional Engagement

  • 11 Regional Membership Opportunities
  • International Member Network (Coming soon)

Annual Membership

  • Individual Member - $459
  • New Member - $199
  • Retired Professional - $153
  • Student Member - $153


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