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NAFSA serves the diverse needs of international educators at every phase in their careers. We assist members who manage a complex set of safety, policy and immigration issues. We work together to support learning programs, develop resources, and create global partnership opportunities.  With membership you gain access to the resources you need to reshape your international education programs, develop your skills, and achieve your professional goals.

The Association of International Educators

160+ Countries, 11 U.S. Regions, 8 Professional Networks and 36 Member Interest Groups

NAFSA is the largest association dedicated to international education and exchange. We offer New Member, Individual, Group, International, Student, and Retired Professional membership options. Join us and make a lasting difference!


Benefits of NAFSA Membership

Now more than ever, networks and knowledge are essential for success. NAFSA connects you to a global network of colleagues and peers and offers a wealth of resources to help you find solutions to any challenge you are facing. Explore our member benefits.

Member Resources and Information

  • Global Studies Literature Review
  • International Educator Magazine
  • International Student Economic Value Tool
  • NAFSA Member Alerts
  • NAFSA Trends & Insights

Live Online Events for Members

  • NAFSA Collegial Conversations
  • NAFSA Government Connection
  • NAFSA Peer-to-Peer Perspectives 
  • NAFSA Regulatory Perspectives (NEW)
  • NAFSA Summits
  • NAFSA Town Halls

Policy, Visa, and Immigration Resources

  • Annual Public Policy Update (Year-in-Review)
  • IssueNet EA Visa Help - Visa Information Assistance
  • IssueNet - Report ISS Issues
  • NAFSA Annual Immigration Review

Member Networking Opportunities

  • Interactive Member Directory
  • Open Access to NAFSA Professional Networks
  • Unlimited Member Interest Group Participation

NAFSA.Org Unlimited Access

  • 7,000+ pages of resources and information
  • Exclusive member-only resources
  • MyNAFSA Transcripts

NAFSA Member Publications

  • Internationalizing the Campus (digital)
  • Special digital publications (available to members at no additional cost)

Career Center Resources

  • Career Resources for IE Professionals
  • IE Graduate Program Database
  • NAFSA Careers for Employers and Jobseekers 

Special Leadership Growth Opportunities

  • Mentor and Mentee opportunities
  • More than 400 leadership positions
  • Training programs for member-leaders

International and Regional Engagement

  • 11 NAFSA Regions in the U.S.
  • International Member Networks
  • Regional Leadership Opportunities

Guaranteed Member Savings

NAFSA Members are guaranteed a minimum savings of 25% off of nonmember pricing. NAFSA Members receive discounted rates on annual and regional conferences, professional learning programs, special events, publications, and much more. Member discounts are noted on our pricing pages and applied automatically to your order.

Become a professional international educator today!

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