Learning & Training

Offered in-person, online, and at NAFSA events, NAFSA professional learning products and services are essential for international educators at all levels.

e-Learning Courses

NAFSA e-Learning Courses are available on-demand. These essential international education courses are divided into convenient learning modules. Gain access to valuable resources, worksheets, and glossaries, and review reinforcement materials to continue advancing after each course ends.

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e-Learning Express

NAFSA e-Learning Express courses provide you targeted answers to specific topics — in less than an hour. Each on-demand course offers a self-driven, interactive experience that gets you up to speed on the topics that impact your current role and international education career.

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e-Learning Seminars

NAFSA e-Learning Seminars are designed to build your knowledge base as an international education professional. Each seminar includes a discussion guide and a curated list of additional resources. You may also select professional development opportunities for your entire team.

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The Academy

The NAFSA Academy for International Education is an intensive year-long training program with extensive networking opportunities designed to meet your individual learning goals. The Academy fast-forwards your learning process and prepares you to take on leadership roles.

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Trainer Corps

NAFSA Trainer Corps is made up of approximately 300 member volunteers who develop, deliver, and maintain the NAFSA Core Education Program curriculum and materials. Trainer Corps provides service and opportunity for giving back to the development of international educators.

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NAFSA Trainer Corps provides a comprehensive schedule of virtual and in-person workshops and learning labs year-round. These proven training programs are designed to meet the diverse needs and provide practical skills to international education professionals worldwide.

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Collegial Conversations

These live, online conversations span a variety of international education topics. They are a member benefit and last approximately one hour. A valid NAFSA member login is required to register.

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Government Connections

NAFSA Government Connection events offer an online forum for NAFSA members and international educators to interact directly with federal agency officials about topics affecting their work.

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Peer-to-Peer Perspectives

NAFSA Peer-to-Peer Perspectives events are virtual roundtable discussions with colleagues on timely topics. Share best practices, offer suggestions, and engage in lively discussions with your peers. 

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This signature learning and professional skills development system enables you to continuously assess your needs, develop personal learning plans, and track your growth and achievement throughout your professional career.