NAFSA e-Learning Express

NAFSA’s e-Learning Express courses provide you targeted answers to specific topics – in less than an hour. Each on-demand course offers a self-driven, interactive experience that gets you up to speed on the topics that impact your current role and international education career.

e-Learning Express Features

  • Self-Driven : Interactive learning experience on your schedule.
  • Focused Content: Targeted answers address specific needs and topics.
  • Expert Resources: Additional resources and self-assessment tools reinforce gained knowledge, and rewards you with a certificate of completion.

Secondary Schools and SEVIS Compliance

Learn basic regulatory information and a general overview of SEVIS compliance at the secondary school level.

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Essential Federal Regulations for Education Abroad

Understand the basic federal regulations that govern privacy, discrimination, and mandatory reporting.

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Understanding Financial Aid for Education Abroad

Identify successful ways an education abroad office can support students as they navigate through funding and financial aid questions related to their study abroad program.

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Gaining J Designation Approval

Learn about the Department of State’s J-Designation in order to prepare your organization’s DS-3036 application package.

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The International Adviser’s Playbook

Much like a strategy book, the Adviser’s Playbook details a series of plays – or strategies – to foster a more engaging, more productive advising session.

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Foundations of Intercultural Communication

Part 1

Examine the fundamental components of intercultural communication, and the influential effects of culture on behavior.

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Intercultural Adjustment and Adaptation

Part 2

Review helpful tools, resources, and exercises that international educators have successfully utilized in programming initiatives.

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Communicating Across Cultures

Part 3

Explore the norms of communication in various intercultural contexts.

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Culture and Identity

Part 4

Explore marginality, relational patterns, and issues of diversity as they relate to the broad field of international education.

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Developing Proficiency in Intercultural Communication

Complete Series

The complete four-part NAFSA e-Learning Express Course series, which provides professionals within the field the opportunity to strengthen their skills and experience in order to become more successful in their work.

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