Policy and Advocacy

Advocating for public policies that create a more welcoming and globally engaged United States.

What We Stand For

Global learning leads to a more engaged and welcoming United States, more responsive and participatory government, and a more secure and peaceful world. To advance our mission, NAFSA advocates for policies that foster the exchange of ideas, create a commonsense immigration process, support the evolution and improvement of democratic institutions, and encourage enlightened global engagement.

Policy Resources

NAFSA is the largest association of professionals committed exclusively to advancing international education. We aspire to enlightened international relations, a globally engaged citizenry, and a more peaceful world. The following policy recommendations, are the latest, most relevant trends, data and reports from NAFSA members, as well as other scholars, officials, and partners in the field of international education.

Policy Blog

The NAFSA public policy team provides commentary and resources on a broad range of topics related to international education and policies that will create a more welcoming and globally engaged United States. Read the latest entries from NAFSA's public policy team below, or browse all policy posts on advocacy and public policy; foreign policy; immigration policy; and visa policy.

Take Action

Speak out for students, scholars, and policies that matter to you! Explore opportunities to take action for international education and global engagement, and learn how to educated your elected officials on why we need a more globally engaged and welcoming United States.

Connecting Our World

Take action for international education and global engagement, contact your elected officials, and share your story at www.connectingourworld.org.

International Student Economic Value Tool

Discover how international students studying at U.S. colleges and universities contribute to our economy.