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Pre-departure Orientations for Secondary Schools

September 26, 2019

Secondary school pre-departure orientation (PDO) programs have many things in common with university level PDOs. However, additional information needs to be covered as the participants are often minors under the legal age of 18. This mandates that for all intents and purposes they are under the care of the faculty or administrator leading the education abroad experience. Join us for a text-based Q&A session with experts from the field of secondary school education abroad programs. 

Supporting Sponsored Students from Pre-Arrival Through Graduation

October 15, 2019

In this text-based chat session, we will explore different ideas that provide support, leadership training, and programming for students with a scholarship. We will discuss and share how universities can work with scholarship providers to enhance the student’s experience and give back to the community. Join panelists to ask questions about providing additional support and leadership opportunities for students with scholarships.

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