Membership FAQs

If you are engaged in international education, exchange, or global workforce development your NAFSA membership gives you access to almost 10,000 other international educators, as well as professional information including International Educator magazine,, best practices and trends, special member-only rates on the NAFSA products, and professional development opportunities you need to excel in your career.

How do I Become a Member of NAFSA?
What Types of Membership Are Offered and How Much Does it Cost?
What are the Benefits of NAFSA Membership?
How Do I Get A NAFSA ID Number or Create a Profile?
What Methods of Payment Are Accepted for Membership Dues?
When Does My Membership Expire?
Can a Membership be Transferred?
Can a Membership be Refunded?
Does NAFSA offer Institutional Memberships?
Can an Institution Request a Group Bill for All Its Employees to Renew/Purchase Membership?
How Do I Update My NAFSA Profile and Communication Preferences?
I Forgot My Login Credentials. Where Can I Retrieve My Username/Password?
Can I Publicize My Membership on My Website?
What is a Global Partner?
How Can I View the List of NAFSA Members?