Region IV

Region IV

NAFSA Region IV is one of NAFSA's 11 geographic regions. Each region is governed by an elected chair and a team of representatives from the various NAFSA professional sections and educator groups. Welcome to Region IV!

Regional Conference

Save the date for NAFSA's first ever Tri-Regional Conference (Regions I, II, and IV) in Denver, CO from November 3-8, 2017. More information will be available soon on the conference page.

Region IV Operating Procedures Proposal

NAFSA IV has updated the operating procedures for the region. Please review the proposed operating procedures and provide feedback by emailing

Region IV will be voting to adopt these updated operating procedures in Denver. In accordance with the operating procedures, they will need a majority vote of those present at the Region IV luncheon to be adopted.

Newsletter Sponsorship

Please contact the Communications Coordinator if you are interesting in sponsorship opportunities for our quarterly newsletter, the Region IV Round-Up.

Contact a Team Member

Do you have questions or suggestions for Region IV? We would like to hear from you! Please feel free to contact members of the Region IV team at any time.

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