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NAFSA has nearly 9,000 members at 3,500 institutions worldwide, representing 94 countries. The organization is divided into 11 geographic regions, which provide the all-important grassroots strength of the association. Many opportunities for involvement, association activities, and leadership are found at the regional level. Each region is governed by an elected chair and a team comprised of representatives of the professional sections and interest groups.

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Region V Team Members (2019-2021)

Position Name Term
Chair Matthew Schneider
Chair-Elect Catrina DeBord
Past-Chair Karin Christoph Brown
Conference Chair Kristy Aoki 12/31/2019
Conference Chair Designee VACANT 12/31/2020
Treasurer Ugo Buzzi 12/31/2021
Registrar Kara Johnson 12/31/2019
KC IEL Liaison Jemma Lund 12/31/2021
KC IEM Liaison Yimin Wang 12/31/2021
KC EA - Short-Term and Faculty-Led Programs  Katie Burke 12/31/2021
KC EA Liaison Mark Eckman 12/31/2021
KC ISSS Liaison Chamu Gowrishankar 12/31/2021
KC TLS Liaison Kari Henquinet 12/31/2020
Regulatory Ombudsperson - Student John Prescott 12/31/2020
Regulatory Ombudsperson - Scholar Bob White 12/31/2020
Advocacy Coordinator Emlyn Torres 12/31/2020
Community College Liaison Derek Shouba 12/31/2020
Exhibitor Coordinator Katerina Roskina 12/31/2019
Communications Coordinator Kyle Anderson 12/31/2020
Michigan State Representative Kelly Wagner 12/31/2020
Wisconsin State Representative Rachel Haos 12/31/2019
Illinois State Representative Rachel Webb 12/31/2019

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