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About Region V

NAFSA has nearly 9,000 members at 3,500 institutions worldwide, representing 94 countries. The organization is divided into 11 geographic regions, which provide the all-important grassroots strength of the association. Many opportunities for involvement, association activities, and leadership are found at the regional level. Each region is governed by an elected chair and a team comprised of representatives of the professional sections and interest groups.

The purpose of Region V is to advance NAFSA's mission within the region's specified area by developing and implementing appropriate activities to such purposes, and by responding to the particular needs of its members. NAFSA Region V, composed of Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin, has approximately 800 members representing more than 250 institutions.

Region V Team Members (2018-20)

Position Name E-mail Term
Chair Karin Christoph Brown
Chair-Elect  Matthew Schneider
Past-Chair Scott Manley 12/31/2018
Conference Chair  Elizabeth Hall 12/31/2018
Registrar Kara Johnson 12/31/2018
Conference Chair Designee Kristy Aoki
Treasurer  Bob White 12/31/2018
Treasurer - Designee
Ugo Buzzi 12/31/2022
KC IEM Liaison Yimin Wang 12/31/2021
KC EA Liaison  Catrina DeBord 12/31/2020
KC EA Liaison Mark Eckman  12/31/2018
KC ISSS Liaison John Prescott 12/31/2019
KC TLS Liaison VACANT VACANT 12/31/2018
Regulatory Ombudsperson - Student Hersh Sisodia   12/31/2018
Regulatory Ombudsperson - Scholar Bob White 12/31/2020
Advocacy Coordinator Emlyn Torres 12/31/2020
Community College Liaison Derek Shouba 12/31/2020
Exhibitor Coordinator Katerina Roskina 12/31/2019
Communications Coordinator Grecthen Dee 12/31/2020
Website Coordinator VACANT VACANT 12/31/2020
Michigan State Representative Kelly Wagner 12/31/2020
Wisconsin State Representative Sara Friar 12/31/2018
Illinois State Representative Lily Huang 12/31/2018

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