The Education Abroad Knowledge Community


Community is crucial to education abroad professionals. We rely on colleagues for advice, guidance, sympathy, and motivation. The Education Abroad Knowledge Community (EA KC), which includes a discussion forum, called the EA KC Network, is your community focused on the needs of education abroad professionals. The Knowledge Community is led by a team of dedicated professionals from the field.

EA KC Year in Review 2017

This event highlights education abroad knowledge community initiatives and resources from the past year and introduces upcoming priorities for 2018. Current chair, Margaret Wiedenhoeft and past-chair, Lou Berends walk the audience through this accomplishments and goals for next year.

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Team Members

Louis Berends, PhD – EA KC Chair Karen McBride, EdD – EA KC Chair-elect
Louis Berends
  • Director of Academic Programs, Syracuse University
  • Creates the 2018 work plan.
  • Assists with the leadership of the EA KC Team.
  • IE Competency focus: Leadership
Karen McBride  
Margaret Wiedenhoeft, PhD – Past-Chair Kate Moore, Ed.D. - Program & Resource Coordinator and WIVRA Chair
Margaret Wiedenhoeft
  • Director, Center for International Programs, Kalamazoo College
  • Provides leadership to the Education Abroad Knowledge Community.
  • Oversees the work of the content coordinators, regional outreach coordinator, and other NAFSA committees.
  • Created the 2017 work plan
  • IE Competency focus: Comprehensive Internationalization
Kate Moore
  • Executive Director of Academic Internship Council
  • Serves as the content coordinator for programs and resources involving, work, internships, volunteering, and research abroad (WIVRA).
Jason Hope – Content Coordinator for Health and Safety Nancy Campbell - Network Leader and Communication and Information Coordinator
  • Manager of International Health, Safety & Security, University of Kentucky
  • Serves as the content coordinator for Health and Safety including participation in the Health and Safety subcommittee.
  • IE Competency focus: Student Health & Safety, Risk & Crisis Management
Nancy Campbell
  • Vice President of Enrollment Management, International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP)
  • ssists in coordinating posts and discussions for the EA KC Network
Stephen Appiah-Padi, PhD - Leadership Cultivation & Vice-Chair of Diversity and Inclusion Bradley Titus – Regional Outreach and Management Content Coordinator
Stephen Appiah-Padi
  • Director, Office of Global and Off-campus Education,. Bucknell University
  • Serves as the content coordinator for leadership cultivation and a leader for EA diversity and inclusion initiatives.
BJ Titus
  • Director of Institutional Relations & Diversity Initiatives, University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center
  • Serves as the liaison to Regional EA KC Liaisons.
  • Holds meetings with the EA KC Regional Liaisons to stay up-to-date on trends/issues in the field.
  • IE Competency focus: Office Administration, Human Resources, Financial Stewardship.
Sarah Langston - Content Coordinator for Advocacy and Regulatory EA KC Regional Liaisons
Sarah Langston
  • Senior University Relations and Recruitment Manager, SAI Programs
  • Serves as the content coordinator for advocacy and regulatory including participation in the Financing Education Abroad and Visa Education subcommittees.
  • IE Competency focus: Advocacy, Funding & Financing

EA Summit

Join us for the Education Abroad Regulatory Summit on July 30, 2018 and gain insights from government officials about the most pressing regulatory issues for EA.

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