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Throughout the year, NAFSA works with numerous experienced international educators to conduct live, online chats. These conversations are offered free of charge to NAFSA members and generally last 1 hour. A valid NAFSA member login is required to join the conversation, and all registered users can sign up for e-mail reminders for the event.

A list of upcoming chats is provided below, as well as links to past conversations. Don't have time to join on the specified date? NAFSA members can access the transcript immediately following the conclusion of the chat.

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Upcoming Live Chats

Strategies for Supporting International Students on Satellite Campuses - International Student and Scholar Services
October 2, 2018
In this collegial conversation, our expert panelists will provide insights on compliance issues related to satellite campuses domestically and internationally, staffing multiple sites, and navigating the management of multiple teams.

Managing Expectations and Navigating Student Identity Abroad - Education Abroad
November 1, 2018
Students are accustomed to a certain level of diversity and inclusion support that may not materialize in the same way while they are abroad. Our experts will help you prepare your students as they prepare to navigate their identities throughout their study abroad experience.

Recent Live Chats

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