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Effective Social Media For Promotion and Engagement
March 24, 2016
Effective social media communication is a necessity for international education professionals. Social networks provide a valuable opportunity to connect with both new students and students participating in current programs. How do other institutions connect with students? How can you improve your social media presence?

Recruiting International Students Within the United States
April 20, 2016
Recruiting international students in the United States is both cost-effective and an excellent way to diversify your recruitment pool. With more of these students attending U.S. high schools and community colleges, recruiters must find new ways to tap into this emerging market.

On-Demand e-Learning Seminars


Intro to ArmchairIntroduction to Armchair International Student Recruitment
This six-week, self-paced course provides an overview of international student recruitment strategies that can be implemented without travel. These include analyzing the market, creating a recruitment plan, evaluating recruitment strategies, using marketing tools, understanding the international student recruitment process, evaluating third-party recruiting resources, and measuring and demonstrating marketing results.


Deepen your current skills and acquire cross-cutting functional skills as you are guided through a participatory, in-depth exploration of the following topics: