A valuable starting point for anyone new to international education. Many advisers, faculty, and administrators may not have sole responsibility for international students and scholars, but will interact with them on a regular basis. Learn the basic processes and procedures of how non-immigrant students and scholars gain and maintain their status in the U.S. Gain an overview of a variety of visa types, including but not limited to F-1 and J-1, which are found in the U.S. educational system. This workshop also provides a framework to better support and advocate for the students and scholars in your own educational setting.

Workshop Objectives

  • Identify various visa types most seen on U.S. campuses
  • Explain how nonimmigrant students obtain a U.S. immigration status
  • Describe key issues in relation to maintaining nonimmigrant status in the U.S.
  • Relate basic immigration concepts to own professional responsibilities

Workshop Agenda

  • Overview and terminology
  • U.S. visa classification
  • Obtaining status
  • Maintaining status
  • Case studies
  • Advocacy

What Participants Are Saying

  • "Just knowing that other administrators shared the same feelings I did made me realize that I am not alone and that there is a network of resources I can connect with in the future if there is a need." - NAFSA Annual Conference participant
  • "It was a comprehensive overview of the visa and immigration process in the United States. I appreciated the simulations and discussions. The conference detailed the process and also brought it to life with examples." - NAFSA Annual Conference participant
  • “I now understand the basic process students have to go through to get an I-20. I understand the significance of a visa expiration date vs. the I-20 end date.” - NAFSA Annual Conference participant


Professionals outside international student advising with 0-3 years of experience with the topic. Appropriate for educators needing a foundational understanding of basic immigration concepts that relate specifically to nonimmigrants most commonly found on a U.S. campus/institution.