March 15 did not turn out well for Julius Caesar, but for you, it could open the door to a unique professional development opportunity. I know you are sitting there wondering how you could make a difference in your field. You are looking for an opportunity to share ideas and to support other professionals in what they do. It could be that you just want to be more resourceful to your students, scholars, colleagues, and clients.

You have seen the e-mails, read the announcements in, and you wonder, "could I be a NAFSA Leader?" You made explanations, justifications, or even excuses as to why you cannot do it - at least not this year. Are you thinking, "I'm not an expert" or "no one knows me?"

I had those same thoughts myself. Well, I wanted to whisper in your ear a little encouragement and let you know that if you are a passionate and dedicated professional, you are already a leader in the field of international education and exchange. So why not become a NAFSA leader? Check out NAFSA's open positions and consider applying for one of the elected positions. There are even some appointed positions that may interest you.

The March 15 deadline for elected positions is approaching quickly. You do not have to wait for a nomination in order to be considered. So go ahead, submit that application and update your Profile of Interest, Experience, and Expertise (PIEE). The selection process is completely confidential so there's nothing to lose.

If you have questions or wonder what other positions are coming up soon, just send a note to [email protected].

Elena Anderson-De Lay Elena Anderson-De Lay is a member of NAFSA’s Leadership Development Committee and chair of NAFSA’s Leadership Cultivation Subcommittee.