NAFSA 2020 Annual Conference & Expo

With concern for the health and safety of our attendees, the NAFSA board of directors decided to cancel the 2020 NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo scheduled to take place on May 24-29 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Sponsor thought-leadership programs, merchandise or an event at the NAFSA 2020 Annual Conference & Expo to give your organization, product, or service unmatched exposure to a large and motivated buying audience. Conference attendees include high-level decision makers and front-line staff who inform purchase decisions and use your products and services.

As a NAFSA conference sponsor, you receive special benefits that help you increase brand visibility and make a lasting impression.

Front and Center

Opening Plenary Address - $75,000
NAFSA's Tuesday keynote event always features a renowned and thought-provoking global luminary. Showcase your brand as an authority in international education to nearly 6,000 conference attendees through NAFSA's plenary marketing and promotions for this conference opening event. Sponsor may also meet the speaker, share the stage, welcome attendees, and provide promotional materials on plenary hall chairs.

Plenary Addresses:
NAFSA's plenaries bring attendees, visionaries, global leaders, and other high-profile speakers throughout the week. Sponsor may also meet the speaker, share the stage, welcome attendees, and provide promotional materials on plenary hall chairs.

  • Wednesday Plenary - $40,000 - SOLD
  • Thursday Plenary - $25,000
  • Friday Plenary - $20,000

Opening Celebration - $65,000
NAFSA's Opening Celebration brings together nearly 5,000 conference attendees for a high-energy, memorable networking reception. The event often features high-profile entertainment, and sponsor receives extensive branding through event marketing and promotions. The sponsor also receives branding on event materials, on-site signage and may provide marketing material or merchandise to attendees on-site.

Closing Celebration - $10,000
Enjoy a final celebration with conference attendees and join NAFSA in inviting attendees to the 2021 annual conference. Sponsor receives event branding on marketing and promotion and can provide marketing materials.

NAFSA Global Dialogue Fellowship Forum - $25,000
Join NAFSA leaders in welcoming and supporting African higher education professionals who are developing new and deeper international opportunities for students, scholars, faculty, and exchange visitors at their home institutions. Partial sponsorship also available.

Global Learning Lab - $20,000 - Partial sponsorship available
A day long, deep-dive into global learning practice and research. This is a unique opportunity for international educators, scholar practitioners, education researchers, IE graduate students, and workforce development trainers/educators to cultivate the complex intercultural and critical analysis skills required of 21st century global-ready graduates. Network with experts on how global learning informs practice and research. A focus on the tools and curriculum internationalization strategies that strengthen a campus are presented. Sponsor receives branding in event promotion, marketing, and materials, and one pre-conference global learning podcast.

Symposium on Leadership - $20,000
This pre-conference, five-hour event brings together senior-level decision makers from across the field of international education to connect, collaborate, and learn about trends transforming higher education. Sponsor receives branding in event promotions and marketing, and can provide welcoming remarks and distribute materials.

Presidents and Provosts Summit at NAFSA 2020 - $20,000 - SOLD
A full-day, invitation-only gathering of U.S. and international university and college presidents, chancellors, and provosts. Sponsor receives branding in event promotions and marketing, and can provide welcoming remarks and distribute materials.

Community College Day - $15,000 - SOLD
A full-day event featuring sessions, a luncheon, and presentations dedicated to advancing international education programming at community colleges. Sponsor receives branding in marketing and promotions and involvement in on-site activities.

NEW! Global Issues Forum - $12,500 - SOLD
This Forum brings together leading global voices, international education leaders, students and researchers from around the world to explore best practices in collaboration on global issues and challenges. The discussion will focus on cultivating a global mindset and global perspective to find solutions to the most pressing global challenges. Each year the Global Issue Forum will tackle one global topic, particularly relevant to the conference location. This will be a curated two-hour program. The Forum's theme for 2020 is The Role of International Education in Supporting Migration and Refugee Movements.

Africa Forum - $12,500 - SOLD
Support NAFSA's diversity programming as a sponsor of this pre-conference, two-hour expert panel focused on institutional partnerships in Africa. Includes expert speakers and presentations from NAFSA's Global Dialogue Fellows. Sponsor can welcome attendees and receives branding in event promotions, marketing, and materials.

Latin America Forum - $12,500 - SOLD
This pre-conference, two-hour expert panel focuses on institutional partnerships in the Americas. Sponsor receives branding in event promotions, marketing, and can welcome attendees and provide materials.

Peace and Social Justice Seminar - $12,500 - SOLD
A half-day NAFSA signature program that brings together international educators, community leaders, and peace-building experts to explore ideas and discuss how international education can reach its full potential in contributing to just and peaceful societies. Sponsor receives branding in event promotions and marketing, and can provide welcoming remarks and distribute materials.

NEW! Themed Tracks - $12,500 per track. Discounts can apply to branding multiple Tracks.
Three signature thought leadership 'Tracks' are offered for sponsorship in 2020. They build on the conference theme "Innovate, Influence, Impact." Each themed track will be spread across the week, thus insuring the sponsor visibility throughout the week of the conference. Each track consists of the following events:

  1. An invited Spotlight Speaker chosen from respected thinkers and leaders in the field
  2. 3-6 conference sessions throughout the week
  3. Open Meeting or Pavilion Session (in the Expo Hall) addressing comments around the theme of the track
  4. Might include a hands-on learning experience (TBD)
  • Innovate: The Track will feature examples of how international educators are responding to challenges and opportunities in innovative ways. - SOLD
  • Influence: The Track will highlight how international education and educators influence and inspire their peers and future generations, provide leadership and promote social justice on campus and work with private sector groups to further international exchange.
  • Impact: The Track will showcase the impact of international educators at home and abroad. Sessions will feature ideas and trends to scale for global and local impact, and ways to impact decision making using data, advocacy, and dialogue.

Sponsor receives acknowledgement in all print and electronic 2020 Conference and Track materials, on-site signage throughout the week and at each Track presentation, ability to welcome attendees at Spotlight presentation and the Pavilion/Open Meeting, and the ability to distribute materials.

Achieve Visibility and Impact

Management Development Program - $20,000
Brand this comprehensive three-day event focusing on key international education management skills and strategies for new and current leaders of international programs. Sponsor receives branding in event promotions and marketing, and can provide welcoming remarks and distribute materials.

NEW! RISE Fellowship - $15,000 
NAFSA is proud to relaunch its flagship diversity, equity and inclusion program: the NAFSA RISE (Representation, Inclusion, Support and Empowerment) Fellowship, with the following goals:

  • Provide representation of international education professionals from underrepresented minority backgrounds
  • Ensure the inclusion of participants into established professionally recognized NAFSA programming and networks
  • Support the continued learning and sustained engagement of participants as they establish themselves in their professional journey
  • Lead the empowerment of participants with resources and tools to help them give back to their institutions and communities, and the field at large

Sponsor receives branding opportunities in all materials developed to support the fellowship, acknowledgment in all conference print and electronic materials, opportunity to meet with and briefly welcome award winners and participate in on-site programs.

First-Timers Breakfast and Orientation - $12,500 - SOLD
Join NAFSA's president and executive director and CEO onstage to welcome 1,500+ conference attendees who are new NAFSA members and/or annual conference attendees. Sponsor receives branding in event promotions, marketing, and materials.

Orientation for Participants Based Outside of the United States - $10,000
Participants have the opportunity to learn about the broader NAFSA global community and share strategies for navigating the premier international education event of the year. Sponsor receives branding in event promotions, marketing, and materials and the ability to briefly welcome attendees at the event.

NEW! Monday National Leadership Meetings - $7,500 - SOLD
About 150 leaders take part in this by-invitation full day of training and networking. The day includes a luncheon celebrating NAFSA's Knowledge Community and Committee leadership. Sponsor receives branding and acknowledgment on-site in signage, branding of materials developed for the leaders, opportunity to briefly welcome the group and distribute materials at the luncheon.

NEW! Regional Affairs Volunteer Leadership Program - $9,500  -SOLD
NAFSA's Regional Leadership will be a focus of several training and networking meetings at the 2020 annual conference. Sponsor receives branding and acknowledgement on all on-site signage related to the three events, branding and acknowledgment of print and/or electronic materials developed for these three programs as well as the website, acknowledgment from the podium at each of the 11 Regional Update meetings, ability to distribute materials at each of the 11 Regional Update meetings as well as the training meetings and the reception, and can briefly welcome the group at the Reception.

Knowledge Community Networking Package - $9,000 per package; discount for sponsorship of two or more groups.
Engage with a targeted audience of NAFSA conference attendees as a sponsor of up to five knowledge community networking events and centers. Display promotional materials and be recognized with on-site signage and marketing collateral.

  • Education Abroad
  • International Education Leadership - SOLD
  • International Engagement Management - SOLD
  • International Student and Scholar Services - SOLD
  • Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship

Member Interest Lunches - $5,000 per lunch; discount for sponsorship of two or more lunches.
These catered conference lunches bring together diverse leaders, institutional representatives, and advocates to engage in dialogue about a wide range of special issues relating to international education. Participate in conversations surrounding community colleges, liberal arts colleges, womens colleges, and more.

New Century Circle Breakfast - $5,000
Join NAFSA's president and executive director and CEO, current and former NAFSA presidents, and members of NAFSA's Board of Directors at this by-invitation breakfast event celebrating NAFSA's top donors. This event is an opportunity to engage with leaders of the association and the field. Sponsor receives branding in event promotions, marketing, and materials.

Conference Resources

Conference App - $30,000
Essential for every conference attendee, the NAFSA Conference App allows users to stay connected throughout the week with direct attendee-to-attendee messaging, a conference schedule, and everything they need to navigate NAFSA's expansive conference. Sponsor receives exclusive access to banner ads throughout the app, providing thousands of impressions over the course of several weeks.

NEW! NAFSA Pavilion Theater - $20,000 for full event sponsorship; $7,500 for daily sponsorship
The NAFSA Pavilion is the nexus of the International Education Expo. The Pavilion houses an open theater that has capacity for nearly 100 attendees and participants. The continuing goal of the NAFSA Pavilion Theater is to engage attendees and exhibitors with a cross-section of mission-centric informational, cultural, and entertainment programming. Each day over 2,000 people visit the NAFSA Pavilion. The theater hosts 7 to 9 programs daily and over 25 programs throughout the week. Sponsors receive branding on the NAFSA Pavilion Theater, recognition in NAFSA promotions, marketing, and collateral along with a speaking opportunity.

Career Center - $15,000
Conference attendees visit the Career Center, which sees high traffic throughout the week, to network, attend special sessions, and seek job, resume, and career advice. Sponsor logo appears in the center, on distributed materials, and all promotional materials. Sponsorship can include opportunity to present at the Career Center.

NEW! NAFSA Conference Bookstore - $12,500
The Conference Bookstore, situated at the crossroads of conference traffic, offers a sponsor maximum visibility starting at noon Monday with a photo-op ribbon cutting, and going through Friday early afternoon. Sponsor receives signage on the kick panels in front of the bookstore with sponsor's name and logo, acknowledgment on all electronic and print materials pre-conference that go out promoting the conference Bookstore, logo acknowledgement on the Bookstore plastic bag, and opportunity to have materials in the Bookstore throughout the week.

Conference Information Center - $8,500 - SOLD
Centrally located and in a high-traffic area. Open Sunday through Friday for extended and maximum visibility. Sponsor logo included on signage. Sponsor can leave promotional materials at the center.

Expo Hall Refreshment Breaks - $7,000 - SOLD
Show your support for conference attendees as the sponsor of NAFSA's Expo Hall refreshment breaks. Sponsor signage is displayed at three refreshment lounges during six breaks over the course of the conference. Sponsor logo would appear on napkins, general conference promotions, on-site signage, and the NAFSA website. Offers high visibility among NAFSA conference attendees.

Pre-conference Workshop Refreshment Breaks - $5,000 - SOLD
Sponsor receives visibility on signage at two lounges during five breaks over two days. Sponsor logo would appear on napkins, general conference promotions, on-site signage, and the NAFSA website.

Convention Center Wi-Fi - $5,000
Connect with attendees virtually everywhere. Sponsor receives recognition in NAFSA promotions and signage.


Conference Tote Bag - $77,000 - SOLD
Sponsor's logo is imprinted prominently on one side of the official conference bag provided to every conference attendee. This very popular take-away item is a high-visibility sponsorship opportunity.

Conference Name Badge Holder - $45,000 - SOLD
Every attendee is required to wear a name badge. Sponsor logo is prominently displayed above every name.

Conference Noteplanner - $30,000 - SOLD
This popular take-away is provided to every conference attendee. Sponsor receives two dual-sided color inserts, full-color logo in bottom corner of each page, and full-color ad space on the back cover.

Conference Water Bottle - $25,000 - SOLD
Premier conference take-away. Sponsor's logo appears prominently on bottle.

Conference Folder - $10,000 - SOLD
Sponsor's logo appears inside the folder and sponsor's full-page, four-color advertisement appears on the back cover.

Conference Pen - $5,000 - SOLD
Sponsor's logo and booth number appear on pen provided to attendees at conference registration.

Conference Collectible Pin - $5,000 - SOLD
Sponsor's name is engraved on the back of this specially designed collectible conference memento. Sponsor is acknowledged in print and online conference materials, and at the NAFSA Pavilion in the Expo Hall.

Additional Branding and Advertising

Annual Conference Fundraising Match - Starting at $7,500
Show your support for NAFSA and the field by providing a matching contribution for all gifts to NAFSA's Annual Conference Campaign. All proceeds support the NAFSA Challenge, a program to advocate for a welcoming world based on acceptance for all. Matching sponsors will be acknowledged on materials before, during, and after the conference.

Plenary Video - $5,500
Promote your institution or your latest product, service, or program with a 45-second video that positions you as a leader in international education. Your video will air prior to all four of NAFSA's plenary addresses. Number of overall plenary video spots are limited to ensure maximum exposure.

Convention Center Banners - Starting at $4,500
Take your brand out of the Expo Hall and gain valuable advertising and visibility among NAFSA's thousands of conference attendees. A limited number of banners are available.

Convention Center Digital Signage - Starting at $4,000
Bring your brand to life with video advertising displays throughout the America's Center Convention Complex. Ads will run in a loop Monday through Friday of the conference week providing you with thousands of impressions among conference attendees.

Tote Bag Insert - $3,000
Maximize your reach by inserting a strategic marketing piece into NAFSA's conference tote bags. Drive traffic to your booth, special events, or educational offerings. Limited number of inserts available.

Friends of the NAFSA Conference - Starting at $1,000
Be recognized for cash donations for general conference support. Acknowledged on signage and in the conference program.