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Session 1
Collaborating with Faculty for Study Abroad Program Development - Angela Dittrich (EA)
Study Abroad Outreach: Start Early, Stay Late - Susan Gronbeck -Tedesco (EA)  
  eRecruitment: A S.W.O.T. Analysis - Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck (RAP) The Least We Owe International Graduate Students - Christine Jensen (Double session will continue at 10:45) (RAP)  
  Food, Fun, Friends: Integrating Multicultural, and International Experiences - Jenni Fauchier and Barbara Velazquez (ISSS) SEVP - Laura Potter (Regulatory)  
  Will Volunteer for Eclairs, Experience and English - Jeffrey Couch (ISSS) Naming Conventions, or how many ways can you spell Mohammed? - Julia Shaw (ISSS)  
  Break Break  
Session 2 Promoting Study Abroad Through Data Management - Susan Gronbeck-Tedesco (EA) Improvisation or Orchestration: Granting Academic Credit for International Internships - Aaron Rose (EA) Creating an Integrated Student Global Awareness and Curriculum Internationalization Program - Jane Irungu (EA)
  US Department of Commerce Services for International Student Recruitment - Paul Bergman (RAP) IEP On-Line Courses, Suzy Achleitner (RAP) DSO in Discretion: Judge Ware Presiding - John Robinson (Regulatory)
  Going South? Visa Issues for Travel to Mexico - Loma Zimmer (Regulatory) A Conversation with ICE - Joe Potts (Regulatory) Professional Communication in Cross-Cultural Setting - Shama Ali (ISSS)
  I'm Finally Here - Now What? - Linda Harris (ISSS) Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship: New Way of Knowing through NAFSA - Martha Denny (TLS)  
  Plenary Lunch Lunch Break Conference Ends
Session 3 Scholarships for Study Abroad: Congress - Bundestag and Gilman - Barbara Velazquez (EA) How to look like a marketing professional on a university budget - Mary Cook (EA)  
  Promoting Diversity in ESL American Culture Curricula - Margaret Coffey (RAP) Jazz up your Evaluation Library with New Resources - Anne Koenig (RAP)  
  The International Education Leadership KC and Miles Davis Jazz - Norm Peterson (IEL) Community College Forum: Problems and Prospects for CC International Programs - Randy Bush (CC)  
  Prepare your students to handle and understand their culture shock - Anjali Hammond (ISSS) Visa Update - Laura Potter and Andrew Kovtal (Regulatory)  
  Break Break  
Sessions 4 Visas for Studying Abroad: Updates and Challenges - Mary Ryan Dando (EA) Anti-Americanism: Expectations, Realities, and Preparing our Students - Alicia Rippen (EA)  
  Helping Gulf Arab Students Suceed in IEPS - Mark Algren (RAP) TOEFL IBT Update - What's new for 2006 - Cindy Ochoa (RAP)  
  Regulatory Ombud Services and Resources - Andy Fraher and Laura Potter (Regulatory) NSC; F-1 Update - Laura Potter (Regulatory)  
    Employment Based Immigration Update for Academic Professionals, Lorina Tester (Regulatory)