Session Chair Session Title KC Area Presenters Session Description
8:30 - 9:45 a.m. (1)
Amy Shenberger, International Program Manager, Arizona State University Creating a Global Village: Collaborative Study Abroad Advising EA

Caroline Savalle; Michelle Laws, International Programs Coordinator, Arizona State University;

Jen Sydow, Education Abroad/International Student Advisor, Scottsdale Community College

Recognizing the growing interest in global education is crucial to meeting the interests of the current generation of students. Making it happen for many students requires the collaboration of offices across campus. How can academic advisors and study abroad advisors work together to integrate international education into the curriculum? Come to this session to explore ways to increase communication between you and academic advisors on campus! Learn to think creatively about matching locations and curriculum and strategize the best practices on working with offices across campus! Some of the key roadblocks to study abroad include curriculum integration, financial costs, and lack of support from faculty and staff. We will illustrate the steps that our offices have taken to help students overcome these challenges with a focus on the issues that academic advisors and study abroad advisors collaborate on.
Carol Blythe, Associate Director, Office of International Education, The College Board Sharing the Trail with EducationUSA Advisers PAN

Alfonso Fernandez,

Ines Jaehnert,

Tea Kuchukhidze,

Sutthichok Linprasert,

Eileen Consuelo Valdeca–as

Overseas educational advisers from centers affiliated with the US Department of State EducationUSA network will describe their vital role in international education and recent student mobility and education trends in their countries. The panel will discuss ways for advisers and U.S. institutions to cooperate and share expertise for the benefit of international exchange. This interaction can be helpful in international student and scholar advising, study abroad and cross-cultural orientation purposes.
Anjali Hammond, Coordinator, International Programs, University of Utah Orientation Roundtable: Herding the Crowds onto the Right Trails ISSS

Shelby Sack, International Student and Scholar Advisor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln;

Shama Ali, Coordinator of International Student & Scholar Services, Creighton University;

Allison Atsuko Fitzgerald, International Student Advisor, University of Denver; Mona Mondava

This session will explore issues involved with international student orientation using a roundtable discussion format with 5 key areas for participants to "visit" with an experienced facilitator at each area. Each participant will have approximately 15 mnutes per topic area to ask questions and talk about the issue at hand. Topics such as 1) Orientation formats: some models compared 2) Student volunteers and peer mentors: Training methods and keeping them involved; 3) U.S. classroom culture and other cultural adjustment issues; 4) Immigration regulations: How can you make it all sink in? 5) Forging connections: Ice Breakers and Activities Participants will be highly encouraged and will come away with new ideas and insights into your institution's international orientation.
Chuck Olcese, Director, International Affairs, Pittsburg State University International Education Leadership Update PAN Norman Peterson, Vice Provost, International Education, Montana State University NAFSA's new Knowledge Community, International Education Leadership,
recently conducted a Delphi study to survey leaders in the field and
forecast for the future of leadership in the profession. Come to hear
some of the results of this study and to engage in a discussion of the
skills and knowledge needed to lead in the area of International
Education on the university campus in the US.
10:15 - 11:30 a.m.(2)
Marianne Doyle, International Admissions, Yavapai College
Blaze a Trail to Yavapai College RAP/PAN Marianne Doyle & Admissions Counsellors (Ambassadors?) Don't miss visiting Yavapai College's beautiful renovated campus only five minutes from the Prescott Resort! This dynamic community college's award-winning programs range from Nursing, Agribusiness Technology, Residential Building Technology, the Zaki Gordon Film Institute, and Phelps Dodge Partnership. Learn about our new 108,000 sq. ft. Career Technology and Education Center. Our five campuses across Yavapai County are meeting 21st century needs - locally and internationally.Yavapai College: Live.Learn. Grow. (Transportation will be provided from the main lobby of the Resort.)
Healther Gutel, Study Abroad Advisor, Creighton University Doctors, Lawyers and Study Abroad Advisers EA

Inger Bull, Director of International Education, Nebraska Wesleyan University;

Michael Nelson, Field Director North, Butler University, Institute for Study Abroad

Education abroad professionals are oftentimes faced with the task of educating students about health and safety issues abroad. What medical and legal implications should be taken into consideration? How do study abroad advisors build good parctices? This session will explore the importance of being familiar with HIPPA, FERPA, ADA, Title IX, Law of Torts and in Loco Parentis. The session is designed for advisors (by advisors) who would like to learn more about how, when, and why to collaborate with the student health office and university legal counsel.
Diana Carlin, Dean, Office of International Programs, University of Kansas Developing a Policy Response to the Bologna Process RAP/ISSS Diana Carlin Best practice steps for setting policy will be identified and how to leverage the Bologna Process to increase international activity on a campus will be explained. Ths presentation can be used by institutions to set the policy making process in motion.
Allison Fitzgerald, International Student Advisor, University of Denver Identity and Adjustment Issues for Minority Students who are Recent Immigrants: Implications for International Programming and Advising ISSS/RAP Ida Mansourian, Coordinator of Study Abroad & Special Projects, Mesa Community College Given changing global and social trends, there are more immigrant students from minority cultures enrolled in colleges and universities in the recent past. Students find themselves in a new world, grabbling with identity and adjustment challenges that can ultimately hinder successful adaptation to college life. Struggles involve different value systems, cultural norms, new lifestyles, a different classroom culture and insecurities about their identify. Using existing literature and personal experiences, this session will highlight academic, social and psychological adjustment challenges faced by minority students from different parts of the world, who have recently settled in the U.S., and have just started on the higher education path. In addition to discussing elements of culture shock in and out of the classroom, the session will outline the different coping strategies that students use as they try to negotiate their new environment. How the institution and the international educator react to students' challenges is critical. Different "de-stressors and stabilizers" must be identified. This session will outline ways to effectively assist minority studetns cope and successfully adjust to new ways of doing things, a new life and a rewarding college experience.
Kay Forsyth, Director of Study Abroad, Utah State University Happy Trails to Japan, Korea and Germany - Fulbright is For You! PAN

Aaron Rose, International Internships Coordinator, Brigham Young University;

Becky Sibley, International Student Advisor, University of Colorado-Boulder

Participation in a Fulbright program is an opportunity not-to-be-missed for international educators from all areas of expertise, such as international admissions, international student advising and study abroad advising. It is a great way to grow professionally by participating in a short-term 2-3 week Fulbright international education seminar abroad. The session presenters will discuss their personal Fulbirght experiences in Germany, Japan, and Korea. The presentation will also cover the nuts and bolts of the application process, and putting together a competitive program proposal. Come and discover what to expect during a seminar for international educators--how to get the most out of the experience, and how to use this opportunity to make new connections in international education and enhance future international education initiatives.
2:00 - 3:15 p.m.( 3)
Ann Koenig, Southwest Regional Director,
AACRAO - American Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officers
Education Updates from the Republic of Georgia RAP Tea Kuchukhidze, EducationUSA Advisor, Republic of Georgia This session will provide up-to-date information on the educational system of Georgia, including higher education institutions and programs, documentation and grading, the new accreditation system, student preparation for study in the US, and tips for establishing relationships with Georgian institutions.
Randy Bush, International Student Advisor, Butler County Community College Community College Forum Com Col

Helen Cox, Associate Academic Vice President for General & In'l Education, Salt Lake Community College;

Julie Pitts, Director International Student Services, Johnson County Community College

A wide range of issues in international education currently facing community college will be addressed. Randy Bush will discuss strategies for improving international students services with emphasis on the importance of college orientation, academic advising and facilitating transfers to universities to maximize the academic performance of community college international students. Helen Cox will focus on the challenges of international partnerships, study abroad programs and faculty exchanges with limited resources. She will discuss how to ensure partnerships are mutually beneficial and address some of the challenges of designing and funding study abroad and faculty exchange programs with particular concern for finding ways to involve disadvantaged students and inexperienced faculty and to make sure that these programs truly benefit students and faculty. Julie Pitts will address issues related to two-year institution visa denials and international students with disabilities. The purpose of the forum is to raise a variety of issues for discussion by those in attendance.
Zohreh Sotoodeh, Director International Admissions, Arizona State University Serving the Rising Population of Saudi Arabian Students in the U.S. RAP/ISSS Timothy Schuwerk, Student Advisor, Arizona State University The recent influx of large numbers of government-sponsored students from Saudi Arabia has put tremendous pressure on university offices that deal with international students. This session will discuss the skills one needs to communicate and connect with these studemts to assure their academic success at U.S. institutions from ESL study through degree programs.
Norman Evans Ensuring International Student Success: Best Practices from Across the Country ISSS/RAP/TLS Maureen Andrade, Brigham Young University Hawaii International students are a valuable resource in the U.S. higher education system. They represent approximately 4% of the total undergraduate enrollment and 13% of the graduate enrollment in institutions of higher education in the U.S. (IIE, 2005). Many American universities are interested in recruiting and more importantly retaining international students for economic, educational, and political reasons (NAFSA, 2003). This session presents finding from research that is currently underway to identify best practices used by U.S. institutions of higher education to ensure international student success. Presenters give an overview of programming initiatives in recruitment, orientation, English language and/or academic support, social support, intercultural adjustment and learning, immigration and legal issues from a broad representation of higher education institutions including professional programs, research, doctoral, master's, baccalaureate, and associate institutions.
3:35 - 5:00 p.m. (4)
Chris Peltier, International Student Recruiter, Northern Arizona University Recruitment Resources: Using Low-cost NAFSA and Government Services TLS/RAP Sutthichok Linprasert, Matt Baker, Commercial Service Representative, Arizona Designed to make the most of small recruitment budgets, this session will demonstrate how to find and use existing resources to spread the word about your school. NAFSA's Knowledge Community Professional Networks offer some of the most relevant and current information from your peers. The US Commercial Service and Education USA offices also provide research and services to guide your efforts overseas. Ideal for a beginning recruiter, or someone with many other tasks, the session will provide initial steps that will increase visibility for your program.
Laura Potter, Assistant Director, International Student Scholar Services, University of Colorado at Denver and Health Science Center;
Nebraska Service Center -I765 Product Line Update ISSS Kathy Allgood, Adjudications Officer, Lisa Kelsay, Acting Supervisory Application Adjudicator This session will provide a brief update from the Nebraska Service Center regarding I-765s, I-140s and other Permanent Resident questions.
Elise Rayner, Assistand Director, SW Region, Arcadia University Center for Education Abroad/Kim Kreutzer,
Assoc. Director, Office of International Education, University of Colorado-Boulder
Avoiding Scandal: Ethical Relationships Between Study Abroad Providers and Universities EA Elise Raynor, Kim Kreutzer In light of the recent Financial Aid scandal, this session looks at practices of study abroad professionals. Using roundtable discussions as the primary format, ethical issues in relationships between study abroad providers and home schools will be the focus. Topics include guiding ethical principles that exist in the field, grey areas (and talk about how potentially dangerous these can be), and the importance of transparency in everything done with respect to relationships with students, faculty/staff, parents, and each other.

A list of roundtable topics to be discussed in the context of NAFSAÕs code of ethics include program promotion, discounts from providers, familiarization tours, perks, and expectations about what is due in return for site visits, dinners and gifts.
Charlotte Trujillo, Student Services, Glendale Community College-Arizona Financial Documents: Fakes, Frauds and Forgeries, part I RAP Charlotte Trujillo This session will be comprised of: a Powerpoint presentation containing scans of actual fraudulent, fake and forged bank documents; slides of real dialogues among the presenter, bank officials and attorneys; a discussion of a corruption report on Mongolia commissioned byUSAID and the way in which financial fraud impacts economies; tips to spot fake documents; how to approach this issue with prudence; statements on this subject issued by the British High Commission; the various categories of financial document fraud; visa fraud rings and fake agencies; statistics surrounding this type of fraud; the impact of technology on document fraud; fraudulent document production; and How? Where? Why? Who?
Scott Bird SIG: One Person Office PAN NAFSA Scott Bird Gather with professionals like yourself who have small offices and many responsibilities. Talk about what works well and the challenges of wearing many hats. Share ideas, resources, and enjoy this networking opportunity.
9:00 - 10:15 a.m. (1)
Laura Potter, Assistant Director, International Student Scholar Services; Andy Fraher, Associate Director, International and Graduate Admissions, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Update from Region II Regulatory Ombuds ISSS CPB Representative This session will provide a brief overview and explanation of the regulatory sessions to be presented at the conference. It will also provide any NAFSA updates regarding IssueNet, the electronic version of the Advisor's Manual, the International Education Policy Resolution/State-level Initiatives and any other related topics from the 2007 NAFSA Conference in MN. Updates from the Region and addressing any notable trends in filing petitions (I-765, I-539 &/or other) will be included.
Aaron Rose, International Internships Coordinator, Brigham Young University Blazing New Trails in Education Abroad Sessions through Speed Networking EA

Cynthia Banks, Executive Director, AustraLearn: Study in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific

Mary Ryan Dando, Director, Study Abroad Programs, University of Colorado-Boulder;

Dan Hart, Manager, Study Abroad & Exchange Programs, Arizona State University

Networking and connecting with colleagues has been described as the most valuable reason for attending NAFSA conferences. This session on Speed Networking will allow you to meet and visit with your Education Abroad colleagues in an innovative way. We invite you to bring plenty of business cards and be prepared to share your ideas, vision, and passion for International Education with friends in our region. From this experience, we hope thatyou will find some solutions to assist you in your work, meet new colleagues, and become better acquainted with old friends. WARNING: This is an experimental interactive dialogue reserved only for those who want to meet others, share ideas, and solidify lasting friendships in the field of Education Abroad.
Nancy Currey, International Student Recruiter, Northern Arizona Univeristy Assisting Students in the U.S. Higher Education System: Recruitment Through Cultural Adaptation RAP/ISSS

Myriam Munoz, Manager, International Admissions, University of New Mexico;

Chris Peltier, International Student Recruiter, Northern Arizona University

Higher Education institutions in the U.S. aggressively
recruit international students from around the world. Are you? This
session will provide strategies to recruit and retain students from Asia, Latin America and the Middle East
regardless of your budget. How to keep the student's
interest in your institution when s/he has too many
options? How to connect with the student and family? Join three experienced recruiters in this fascinating and important discussion.
Marilyn Cleland, ESL Teacher, Seven Lakes High School, Katy ISD School District USA Says Yes to IELTS - Setting the Standard for Testing TLS/RAP Marilyn Cleland  
10:45 - 12:00 noon (2)
David Ware, Attorney, David Ware & Associates
Consular & Border Processing Upate ISSS David Ware, Attorney at Law, Taleen de Archangelis, Attorney at Law, Joanne Lagasse-Long, Director, International Student Programs and Services, University of Arizona  
Rachel Ragan, Evaluator, Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE)
Identifying Altered and Forged Documentation, part II RAP Rachel Ragan  
Shelby Sack, International Student and Scholar Advisor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Program Development for International Educators ISSS/EA Anjali Hammond, Coordinatory International Programs, University of Utah This session will give participants a framework for understanding how to develop programs used in international education such as international student programs, study abroad re-entry programs and campus wide internationalization efforts.
Mona Miller, Director, Customized Programs
International Studies Abroad ISA-Oregon
Education Abroad Crisis Management: Responding to a Crisis Abroad EA/PAN

Cynthia Banks, Executive Director, AustraLearn: Study in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific;

Inger Bull, Director of International Education, Nebraska Wesleyan University;

Mary Ryan Dando, Director, Study Abroad Programs, University of Colorado-Boulder

Assuring the safety and security of students during their study abroad is the primary objective of U.S. universities, Education Abroad programs and their international partners.Ê While it is not feasible to prepare for every possible occurrence, it is possible to develop a procedural response plan in anticipation of emergency situations.Ê The death of a student abroad is the ultimate crisis for all of us in the field.Ê By examining real case studies, we will discuss how U.S. universities and their international partners can work together to best respond to emergency events.Ê
Mary Trevor, Registrar, Prescott College
Experience Prescott College RAP/PAN Jill Pyatt Admissions Counselor, Prescott College, Jerri Brown, Admissions Counselor, Prescott College Prescott College, founded in 1966 as "The College of the 21st Century," blends experiential and field-based learning with a focus on environmental sustainability and social justice to prepare students to be leaders in those fields. The architecture of the campus reflects the school's principles. This short tour (approximately 1 hour) will explore the college's central buildings and will discuss the Residential, Adult Degree, Master's and Ph.D. porgrams. Transportation will be provided.
2:00 - 3:15 p.m. (3)
Laura Potter, Assistant Director, International Student Scholar Services Update from SEVP ISSS

Ann Balough, Alejandro Flores, Adjudicator; School Certification Branch;

Meghan Kelly, Section Lead, School Certification Branch

Julie Pitts, Director International Student Services, Johnson County Community College Recruiting and Retaining International Students with Disabilities RAP/ISSS

Lesley Gagnon, Director of Marketing & Sales, Student & Employee Health Programs
Summit America Insurance Services;

Mike Lewer, President, The Lewer Agency, Inc.

Participation will be highly encouraged and you will come away with new ideas and insights into program planning, funding, assessment and implementation. This session is for any professional who works in international education within a higher education institution.
Brandon Samter, Director, International Exchange Programs, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
The Hat Rack - How Many Hats Fit on Your Rack? PAN   This session will offer a look at how to manage the one man or woman office. We will begin with a fun filled exercise that will get you to look at how many hats fit on your rack. We will then look at what could be the best way to schedule your work week. Well at least in a dream world! We will then open it up for some open discussion on working with higher administration and finding a budget for your office and how you are not alone in this field.
Cynthia Banks, Executive Director, AustraLearn: Study in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific Undergraduate Research on Study Abroad Programs EA/TLS Cynthia Banks International research experiences not only provide students with the opportunity to become familiar with a new academic culture, but also to discover whether a career in research might be a future option. This session will explore current international research programs, and illustrate opportunities available for students interested in research abroad. Discussion will include a case study of a program called EuroScholars, a new program available to undergraduates interested in research opportunities in Europe, as well as open discussion among colleagues about the pros and cons of undergraduate study abroad research programs.
3:45 - 5:00 p.m. (4)
MaryLee Carter, President, International Student/Scholar Resources(ISSR,LLC)
Finding the Answers to Immigration Issues: Who Can Help? ISSS/RAP/TLS   Advisers are called upon to answer questions that often have ambiguous elements. Though we are able to categorize situations so that answers are "standardized" somewhat in order to solve dilemmas, there's always a wrinkle. Interpreting the regulations and interacting with the various federal agencies that are involved to find the right solutions in individual situations presents challenges. Finding answers to even the simplest questions can be arduous and grueling. Knowing which federal agencies are responsible, and how they relate to one another in the situation is critical to solving problems and dilemmas. This session will examine the relationships among the federal agencies relevant to the DSOs (and ROs) advising work, and will provide direction on how and where to find answers to the questions presented by students and scholars.
Lydia Arledge, Consultant, Disney Theme Parks & Resorts College Program
The "Ayes" of a Disney Pirate: Internships and Innovation in International Partnership Programs ISSS Jeff Tasset, Senior International Recruiter, Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. As institutions of higher education seek to expand global educational experiences, there is great opportunity in leveraging partnerships with international schools. Many international schools would like to send their students to participate in the Walt Disney World College Program but they need the support of their U.S. partners to sponsor the necessary J-1 student visa. In exchange, these international partner institutions often assist their U.S. colleagues in developing international placement opportunities for U.S. students. The Wal Disney World Company is proactively working with universities to develop these collaborative partnerships. As academic stakes expand to other countries, co-op and internship practitioners will find "buried treasure" in developing international partnership programs.
Eric Leinen, Program Coordinator, International Programs, Arizona State University
Prospecting for Scholarship Gold: Tips & Strategies for Helping Students with National Awards EA

Janet Burke, Associate Dean for National Scholarship Advisement/Student Internships, Arizona State University;

Christa Joy, Study Abroad Director, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

While there are a number of federal, local and university scholarships supporting students going overseas, many students fail to exploit these awards for a number of reasons: bad essays, missed deadlines and lack of awareness are just a few. There are also many actions advisors take that can unknowingly hurt their students' chances: lack of clarity about award guidelines and procedures, inadequate or inaccuratge information, and insufficient promotion tactics among them. This session will help you increase your students' success rate by offering a number of tips and practices on how to increase overall awareness, the number of applicants, the quality of applications, and ultimately the number of award winners you see come through your office.
Tina Tan, Director, International Students & Scholar Services, University of Colorado-Boulder
Getting the F1/J1 Student Visa - Preparation or Luck? RAP/ISSS Brett Hunt, U.S. Consular Officer, Guadalajara, Mexico Brett Hunt, U.S. Vice Consul in Guadalajara, Mexico, will present information on the F1/J1 student visa application process. The session will focus on details of the visa interview, the importance of preparation and documents, what the student needs to communicate in the interview and how to deal with denial or if the visa is in pending status. ÊApplying for renewal/change of status in the US, Canada and Mexico will also be covered.
Andy Fraher, Associate Director, International and Graduate Admissions, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Blazing the Willow Lake Trail To Embry Riddle PAN NA Join your fellow Region II NAFSAns on this hike on the Willow Lake Trail, part of the City of Prescott's extensive trail system. See the archeological ruins of the Prescott areas first inhabitants, enjoy the beauty of Willow Lake, and end the hike on the campus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather. The total hiking distance will be approximately 1.5 to 2 miles over easy terrain.
10:15 - 11:30 a.m. (1)
David Ware, Attorney, David Ware & Associates What's the (Reg) News Across the Nation? ISSS

Lorina Tester, Associate General Counsel, University of Utah;

Laura Potter, Assistant Director, International Student Scholar Services

A new statute, many new regulations and interpretations challenge professionals across many disciplines in international education. Get the latest information on students, scholars, the undocumented, and more at the session. Will "cover the waterfront" regarding the many statutory and regulatory changes affecting international educators during the past year.
Mark Algren, Language Specialist, University of Kansas
Helping Gulf Arab Students Succeed in IEP's TLS Kathryn Algren, Lecturer, Applied English Center, University of Kansas Coming from protective, conservative societies, having strong family loyalties and being steeped in religious precepts, many Gulf Arab students find that a culture of almost unrestricted freedom can be disorienting and overwhelming In addition, their learning styles and strategies for mutual support and bargaining don't work well in Western institutions. Moreover, cultural differences such as having teachers of the opposite sex or being in co-ed classrooms can be disconcerting. The presenters, both of whom have extensive experience teaching in the Middle East and in American IEPs, will first summarize the most important aspects of Gulf Arabian culture and show how they affect typcial behavior, pointing out difficulties that Arab students have when they come to study in the US. Then the presenters will offer practical suggestions and give specific examples of how to deal with classroom behavior, counsel students and modify approaches to teaching. Handouts provided; discussion encouraged.
Raquel Arouca A New Way of Looking at Reverse Culture Shock PAN

Raquel Arouca, Graduate Student, University of Montana,

Barbara Seekins, Manager, Scholar and Sponsored Student Services, University of Montana

This session represents work that is part of a broader research project to help students readapt to their native environment. The experience in another country will change the individual to such a degree that an understanding of how the mind works is necessary in order to help individuals to feel comfortable at home. The presentation will deal with Reverse Culture Schock (RCS) and Modularity. The mind is a sophisticated computer-like structure that contains modules. The modules (Modularity theory) are webs of organized information that create clusters of similarities or relevance. The modules are liked together when relevant and have links to a central processor that evaluates the constant changes between old and new modules. The presenter will take participants through the phases of RCS and give a description of the changes in modules during those phases.
Christa Joy, Study Abroad Director, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Education Abroad Hot Topics EA Mary Ryan Dando, Director, Study Abroad Programs, University of Colorado-Boulder Discussion of the current issues in education abroad. Hot topics may include visas, media coverage of study abroad, anti-Americanism, ethics, Simon legislation, EA Knowledge Communities