Term: 1 year (followed by one year term as Chair, and one year term as Past Chair)

Appointment: Elected by the membership


  • Must have served on a past team. Experience with NAFSA organization and activities. Attendance at past conferences and conference workshop presentations a plus.
  • Must be NAFSA member working in education.

General responsibilities include:

  • Serve as active voting member of Chair Stream and regional team.
  • Liaise between the Region and NAFSA national on matters of membership, outreach, training information and trainer corp. Attend national training workshops (WLM) .
  • With Chair and Chair-elect, Identify and nurture future team members.
  • Share regional information with other regional chairs-elects.
  • Assist in planning team meetings:

    • Spring meeting
    • Summer conference meeting
    • National Conference
    • Regional Conference
  • Assist with Regional conference, assist conference planner in developing program.
  • Work with chair stream to assist in developing and selecting future regional conference sites.
  • Approve expenses for various regional activities.
  • Participate in scheduled conference calls with Regional Chair-elect peers nation-wide.
  • As available, attend other events: Spring Immigration workshop, Advocacy Day, etc.