Major Functions and Responsibilities

  • Works with the KC ISSS team and KC ISSS regional liaisons to identify member issues and concerns and acts as a conduit of information and support.
  • Stimulate a two-way flow of information between KC, Regional team and State Representatives as it relates to timely/relevant information and resources.
  • Encourages regional liaison and team participation – in dissemination of information and member-to-member support through networking, discussion forums, conference sessions and activities, and other appropriate venues.
  • Contributes in the determination of medium- and longer-term professional development needs for ISSS community with special attention to regional voices.
  • Ensures dissemination of ISSS news to the regional liaisons so that these are communicated on the regional/local listservs, through social media, and during regional/local conferences.
  • Identifies and cultivates future national and regional leaders from within the ISSS community.
  • In accordance with member needs and the Strategic Plan, makes recommendations for consideration for the annual ISSS work plan.
  • Conducts orientation for new regional liaisons and works closely with KC ISSS Chair stream, NAFSA staff, and Regional Chairs on appointment of regional liaisons as rotation occurs.