Katey Palumbo

Katey Palumbo

Director of International Programs
Worcester State University
Content Coordinator for Advocacy and Regulatory, Education Abroad Knowledge Community (EAKC)

Katey Palumbo, the director of international programs at Worcester State University, has worked in the field of international education for more than 15 years. Palumbo currently oversees international student and scholar advising as well as study abroad/study away advising and the development of short-term faculty-led programming at Worcester State. Formerly, she taught English abroad and served as the director of a U.S.-based language academy. Palumbo is currently the advocacy and regulatory content coordinator and co-chair of the NAFSA Financing Education Abroad Subcommittee and a NAFSA Trainer Corp Trainer. Palumbo has lived, worked and studied abroad in Europe, Asia, and Australia.