Nicole Anderson

Nicole M. Anderson

Associate Director, Alumni Career Services
Tufts University

Nicole M. Anderson is associate director of Alumni Career Services at Tufts University in Medford/Boston, MA. With more than two decades of experience career advising thousands of students and alumni at Tufts University and Boston College, Nicole remains a constant advocate for the international community. Throughout 2017-2019, Nicole co-chaired the National Career Development Association’s International Student Services Committee. Through advocacy, research, presentations, and resource development, the committee supports international students and the career practitioners who guide them in navigating the complexities of job search in the U.S. and beyond. In her role at Tufts where the international community represents 107 countries, Nicole was the dedicated career liaison to the international student community for ten years before transitioning to her current position advising globally mobile alumni wherever they are located and headed around the world. As current vice president of research for the Alumni Career Services Network, she collaborates with a niche community of alumni career practitioners who provide lifelong career services to graduates after they depart campus.