NAFSA Strategic Retreats

Rise above your day-to-day work and focus on a broader view of education abroad or international enrollment management at a NAFSA Strategic Retreat. Each retreat’s theme serves as a launching point to discuss improving student learning outcomes through education abroad or international enrollment management.

Designed for directors, deans, faculty, and professionals with extensive experience in education abroad or international enrollment management, NAFSA Strategic Retreats provide participates with the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate on a profound level with senior-level education abroad and international enrollment management leaders and professionals
  • Engage in a participant-driven agenda with an open format designed to spark creativity
  • Reconnect with your core reasons for seeking to serve and advance education abroad and international enrollment management
  • Develop approaches to better influence support for your program with stakeholders
  • Post-event materials and reading list help you start deeper conversations on campus

Upcoming Retreats

Stay tuned for upcoming retreats.

Previous Retreats

Data-Informed Decisionmaking
Washington, D.C. | July 26-27, 2018

Reimagining Return on Investment in a Changing Landscape
Washington, D.C. | July 17-18, 2017

What Makes Education Abroad a High-Impact Practice?
Washington, D.C. | August 4-5, 2016

How Does Education Abroad Drive 21st Century Global Learning?
Phoenix, Arizona | February 4-5, 2016
Washington, D.C. | July 16-17, 2015


"Thank you for this new format for education abroad leaders. I have attended many conferences and workshops, and found the NAFSA Retreat’s 'open space' approach created a more productive environment for conversation and led to deeper discussions than I have had previously.”


Amanda Kelso shares her thoughts and insights about participating in NAFSA’s Strategic Retreat for Education Abroad Leaders in Washington, D.C.