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Protecting International Students and Scholars from Scams

International students are vulnerable to scammers questioning their immigration status and requesting payment and personal information. In recent years, scammers have utilized increasingly sophisticated techniques to deceive and coerce students, and can involve students’ family members as well
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Effective Communication Plans and Platforms for the ISSS Office

Open and continuous communication between the institution, student and family is beneficial at all times, not just in times of crisis. This resource summarizes model practices for a communication plan to support students throughout their academic experience. Contributors to this resource include
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Responding to a Worldwide Health Crisis and Travel Restrictions

Recent concerns regarding the spread of the coronavirus has myriad implications for the international education community in the United States and abroad. This Town Hall for NAFSA members provided context for the current challenges for international educators and shared updates on the travel
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Strategies for International Student and Scholar Advising

June 22 - 24, 2021 | 2:00 pm
Understanding and applying federal regulations is one important part of advising, but there is so much more to becoming an expert adviser. Take your advising to the next level by gaining professional skills in the art of adaptive advising. Learn how to use six different approaches to better assist
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Visa Options and Strategies for Academic Clinical Programs

One of the more complicated challenges that international offices face is providing visa options for short-term trainees, students, and visitors with patient or animal care responsibilities. This text-based Q&A session provided perspectives from a variety of institutions on managing visitors with
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