On Wednesday, May 10, we officially celebrated NAFSA’s founding 75 years ago. Over the decades, NAFSA has had tens of thousands of members, and it’s only through their dedication and commitment to their work and the field that NAFSA has thrived. Our members touch countless lives across the globe, as students, scholars, and faculty experience the transformation that comes from learning and teaching that spans borders, languages, and cultures.

Take a moment to reflect on those colleagues who have been a key part of your NAFSA journey. Who helped you gain the confidence, skill, and experience you needed to be where you are today? Or perhaps consider a colleague who gives you hope and optimism for the future of the field. Who inspires you? Who helps make our community strong?

Recognize the commitment of colleagues to the advancement of international education with a contribution in support of our shared mission to build a more understanding and peaceful world. Your generous donations will enable us to advance our advocacy, diversity, and public policy initiatives, along with supporting the development of programs and resources essential to our international education community.

Thank You to Our Donors

Massume Assaf In memory of Ardeth Frisby
Massume Assaf In honor of James F. Lynch, Jr.
Stephen Appiah-Padi In honor of David Horner
LaNitra Walker In honor of Selena Mendy Singleton
Margaret Wiedenhoeft In memory of Joe Brockington
Alexis Akagawa In memory of Erika Rohrbach
Francisco Marmolejo In honor of Madeleine Green
Francisco Marmolejo In honor of John Hudzik
Julie Sinclair In honor of Sue Marlay
Caroline Donovan White In honor Donna Scarboro
Julie Sinclair In honor Evelyn Levinson 
Shinsaeng Ko In honor of NAFSA staff and volunteer leaders 
Deborah Pierce In honor of Betty Soppelsa
Fanta Aw  In honor of Gary Wright
Malaika Serrano In honor of Gary Rhodes
Malaika Serrano In honor of Robin Reliford
Malaika Serrano In honor of Evelyn Levinson
Anonymous In honor of Harvey Charles
Martin Tillman In memory of Dr. DeWitt C. & Mrs. Edna Baldwin 
Karlene Masters In honor of Mary Anne Grant
Karlene Masters In honor of Scott E. King
Ahmad Ezzeddine In honor of Chamu Gowrishankar
Ahmad Ezzeddine In honor of Fareed Shalhout
Joanna Regulska In honor of Allan Goodman
Evelyn Levinson In honor of Heidi Gregori-Gahan
Kay Thomas In memory of Josef Mestenhauser 
Karen Bauer In memory of Mary Anderson
Sara Thurston In honor of Harvey Stein 
Judith Pennywell In honor of Deborah Pierce
Gail Hochhauser In honor of Cassie Pyle 
Gail Hochhauser In honor of Joan Joshi 
Connie Perdreau  In memory of Ellie Spiegel
Karen Bauer In memory of Sr. Mary Anderson
Cynthia Elliott In honor of Dr. Larry Gould
Julie Sinclair In honor of Regina Henry
Gary Althen In memory of  Eugene Smith
Sherif Barsoum In honor of John Greisberger
Dorothea Antonio  In honor of Ron Springwater
Jackie Vogl In memory of Steven Shaw, University at Buffalo
LaNitra Walker In memory of Earnest and Florrie J Walker
Julie Sinclair In honor of Chad Goeden 
Rebecca Zeigler Mano In honor of Lee Zeigler
Janice Bogen In memory of Ron Moffatt 
Janice Bogen In memory of Jane Howard 
Katherine Hammett In honor of Donald N. Nelson 
 Helen Leonard In honor of Sal Longarino 
Tatiana Mackliff In honor of all Latina Leaders in International Education 
Samantha Lu In memory of Ronald F. (Ron) Moffatt 
Kaori Uchisaka In memory of Erika Rohrbach 
Lucy Cheung In memory of Erika Rohrbach 
Chad Goeden In honor of Caroline Donovan White 
Chad Goeden In honor of Joann Ng Hartmann
David Wick In honor of Sue Marlay
Kate Wozniak In honor of Joy Stevenson
Marybeth Gruenewald In honor of Jim Frey, Founder of Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE)
Krista McCallum Beatty In honor of Dr. Alan Boyd
Krista McCallum Beatty In honor of Kay Thomas
Krista McCallum Beatty In honor of David Horner
Samantha Lu  In honor of Dr. Yenbo Wu
Samantha Lu In honor of Mike Brzezinski
Helen Gaudette In memory of Erika Rohrbach
Valerie Woolston In honor of Jim Frey 
 Ji-Yeung Jang In honor of Kay Thomas 
Jill S. Allen Murray In honor of Jill Welch 
Jon Booth  In memory of Paula Spier 
Jon Booth  In honor of Archer Brown 
Chad Goeden In honor of Sheila Schulte 
Jim Brosam II In honor of Patti Jones 
David Horner In honor of Lee Zeigler 
David Horner In memory of Stan Berry 
David Horner In memory of Homer Higbee 
Jody Pritt In memory of Sylvia Shortt
Deborah Pierce  In honor of Robert Fine 
Joanna Regulska In honor of LaNitra Berger 
Todd St. Vrain In memory of Jackie Levine 
Denise Connerty In memory of Geoffrey E. Gee 
Denise Connerty In memory of Tom Roberts 
Jennifer Lund  In honor of Deborah Pierce 
Samantha Lu In honor of LaNitra Berger 
Nelson Cunningham In honor of LaNitra Berger 
Linda Tobash In honor of Mary Kirk
Mary Reeves  In honor of Mathelda Molina 
Mary Reeves In honor of Jane Kalionzes 
Mary Reeves In honor Christa Hansen 
Fanta Aw In honor of NAFSA Staff