Information and resources about planning and financing your studies in the United States.

Planning for your U.S. Studies

If you have already been accepted to a U.S. college or university, contact the international student adviser, admissions counselor or financial aid office directly to request information and applications for any available financial aid.

It is essential to plan your entire U.S. education—including how to finance it—before you leave your home country. Some colleges, universities, and U.S. consulates require foreign students to provide certification of funding for the entire planned period of study.

Costs of Studying in the U.S.

NAFSA does not offer scholarships, grants to students, or other financial assistance, but this page contains information about where to begin your search for financial aid.

Studying in the United States is a great intellectual and intercultural experience for students and scholars from around the world. Financing for studies may be difficult.

  • Write to the college or university you want to attend to ask about financial aid.
  • In comparison with many other countries, education in the United States is very expensive.
  • Typically, students and their families pay a higher proportion of education costs, primarily for tuition and fees.
  • The cost of living can also be high, depending on the location of the institution.

Financial Aid for Undergraduate International Students
This NAFSA resource provides information primarily for international students with nonimmigrant visas (F-1, J-1, etc.). Information for permanent residents of the United States is also included.

Types of Sources of Funding for Post-Secondary Study in the United States

Other Sources of Information

The international student offices and career planning and placement offices on college campuses can be valuable sources of current financial aid information. They often have catalogs and books on scholarships, fellowships, and grants. If you are already in the United States, take advantage of these resources by visiting a nearby college or university.

Books on Funding for Study in the United States
Many books provide information about financial aid.

Visit the EducationUSA Web site to learn about educational advising centers around the world that provide information to prospective students and scholars about U.S. study.