A Statement by NAFSA Executive Director & CEO Marlene M. Johnson2014-05-06FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

WASHINGTON, MAY 6, 2014 – The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced today the publication of two proposed regulations that will make the United States more competitive to the world's best and brightest talent. The two rules will extend employment authorization to spouses of certain H-1B visa holders, and enhance employment opportunities for researchers and scholars by removing obstacles to their remaining in the United States. The following is a statement by Marlene M. Johnson, executive director and CEO of NAFSA:

"We applaud the Obama Administration for making immigration reform a priority and pushing these rules forward through the regulatory process. NAFSA has long advocated for regulations and laws that will make it easier for talented people to come to the United States and be a permanent part of our society. Our broken immigration system makes it difficult for people to attend our colleges and universities, contribute to our economy, integrate into our communities, and educate the next generation of global leaders.

"Although we look forward to continue our work with the Administration to further streamline and improve the immigration process for international students and scholars, it is still ultimately up to Congress to achieve a lasting solution by passing commonsense immigration reform. NAFSA urges Congress to pass legislation this year that expands our ability to attract the world's talented students and scholars to our colleges and universities, strengthens our economy, and reclaims the values that make this nation a land of opportunity, equality, and freedom for all."

NAFSA's immigration priorities: www.nafsa.org/113thCongress

DHS press release on regulations: http://1.usa.gov/Sxh41k

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