The president of the association is elected by the membership at large, and serves one year as president-elect, one as president, and one as past president.

LaNitra Berger, PhD

LaNitra Berger
George Mason University
NAFSA President and Chair of the Board of Directors
LaNitra Berger, PhD, is the Associate Professor of Art History and Director of African and African American Studies at George Mason University (GMU). She has helped students secure more than 60 prestigious fellowships such as the Fulbright, Boren, Gilman, Truman, Udall, and Critical Language...

Past Presidents

Name Affiliation During Presidency Year
Jeff Riedinger, PhD University of Washington 2020-21
Ravi Shankar University of Rochester 2018-20
Elaine Meyer-Lee, EdD Agnes Scott College 2016-18
Fanta Aw, PhD American University 2013-16
Meredith McQuaid, JD University of Minnesota 2011-12
Chris Viers, PhD Indiana University 2010
John Hudzik Michigan State University 2009
Everett Egginton New Mexico State University 2008
Ron Moffatt § San Diego State University 2007
Mariam Assefa World Education Services, Inc. 2006
Robert J. Locke, EdD University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 2005
John Greisberger, PhD Ohio State University 2004
Mary Anne Grant International Student Exchange Program 2003
June Noronha College of Saint Catherine 2001-03*
Kay Thomas, PhD University of Minnesota-Twin Cities 2000-01
William Barnhart University of Utah 1999-2000
Denise Connerty Temple University 1998-99
Gary Althen University of Iowa 1997-98
Connie W. Perdreau Ohio University 1996-97
Margaret Pusch Intercultural Communications Institute 1995-96
David D. Horner, PhD Michigan State University 1994-95
Jerry D. Wilcox Cornell University 1993-94
Janet C. Constantinides University of Wyoming 1992-93
Richard F. Reiff University of Georgia 1991-92
Martin Limbird, PhD Ball State University 1990-91
Jean Delaney University of Colorado-Boulder 1989-90
Valerie Woolston University of Maryland-College Park 1988-89
Josef A. Mestenhauser § University of Minnesota 1987-88
Richard D. Downie, PhD § University of Florida 1986-87
Lee Thompson Boulder Friends of International Students 1985-86
Marvin J. Baron § University of California-Berkeley 1984-85
Robert B. Kaplan University of Southern California 1983-84
Barbara B. Burn § University of Massachusetts-Amherst 1982-83
Dixon C. Johnson, PhD University of Tennessee-Knoxville 1981-82
Stirling L. Huntley § California Institute of Technology 1980-81
Charles W. Gay, PhD University of Southern California 1979-80
Cassandra A. Pyle § Institute of International Education 1978-79
Donald N. Nelson Miami University 1977-78
Sanford C. Jameson § College Entrance Examination Board, Washington, DC 1976-77
Eugene C. Clubine § Iowa State University 1975-76
August J. Benson § Michigan State University 1974-75
Leo J. Sweeney University of Missouri-Kansas City 1973-74
Mary A. Thompson § International Student Service, New York 1972-73
A. Lee Zeigler Stanford University 1971-72
Homer D. Higbee § Michigan State University 1970-71
Eugene R. Chamberlain § Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1969-70
Clark Coan § University of Kansas 1968-69
Albert G. Sims § College Entrance Examination Board, New York City 1967-68
Furman A. Bridgers § University of Maryland 1966-67
Hugh M. Jenkins § Foreign Student Service Council, Washington, DC 1965-66
Robert B. Klinger § University of Michigan 1964-65
Werner Warmbrunn § Stanford University 1963-64
Howard A. Cook § International House, New York City 1962-63
Joe W. Neal § University of Texas-Austin 1961-62
James M. Davis § University of Michigan 1960-61
Katherine C. Bang § Cleveland Council on World Affairs 1959-60
Forrest G. Moore § University of Minnesota 1958-59
Ivan J. Putman, Jr. § University of Florida 1957-58
Leo R. Dowling § Indiana University 1956-57
J. Benjamin Schmoker § Committee on Friendly Relations Among Foreign Students 1954-56
Allen Blaisdell § University of California-Berkeley 1952-54
Paul Chalmers § Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1950-52
Clarence Linton § Columbia University 1948-50


§ Deceased
* Change in leadership calendar